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    Member Since October 2016

    Brynn McDonnell

    District of Columbia 

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    Brynn McDonnell reviewed Weverton Cliffs

    3 months ago

    I loved this trail. I had been eyeing it for a few weeks and I’m so glad I got out there today. The river is beautiful and I can’t wait to go explore other trails in that area

    Brynn McDonnell added Weverton Cliffs

    3 months ago

    Brynn McDonnell completed Cascade Falls Trail

    8 months ago

    Brynn McDonnell added gorgeous!

    8 months ago

    Brynn McDonnell completed Jones Run Falls Trail

    9 months ago

    Brynn McDonnell reviewed Cascade Brook Trail to Lonesome Lake

    10 months ago

    I loved this trail. I came back to New Hampshire for Labor Day after leaving in early 2017. I didn't have a lot of time so I finally decided on this one. Some of the markings on the trail can be a little confusing. At one point I ended up about 0.5 miles off course but got back on pretty fast. The river crossings weren't bad at all when I was there though I'd suggest packing some water shoes. The hut was super cool. I will say that I think a lot of people underestimated the trail. I'd get an early start and bring proper gear. I saw large families getting started when I finished, some wearing flip flops and being unprepared. If you go around lonesome lake I believe it was an extra 0.8 miles (or 1.6, I can't remember).