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    BRUPac ;) reviewed Berdoo Canyon Trail

    9 days ago

    Always a fun drive. It's our short cut into Joshua Tree. Get the annual pass it's like $60 and gets you access to all of the national parks. The main drive is really easy, there is one spot where you need to take your time, and one spot where it's really rocky for like 3/4 of a mile. The rest is dirt or sand. There are a few side trails that are fun and challenging.

    BRUPac ;) completed Berdoo Canyon Trail

    9 days ago

    BRUPac ;) reviewed Painted Canyon Drive

    9 days ago

    Basically a fire road. Really easy drive to hiking area. Was washed out pretty good when we went 9/27/17. But took it in 2 wheel drive the whole way. Plenty of cars made it through, even an E Class Mercedes sedan. Cars and lower trucks just be careful to drive around the bigger rocks. On the way out saw a large flat rock with a scrape across the top and transmission fluid dripping off of it, again was washed out from rain 2 days prior. Most if the time the road looks like it is graded and pretty smooth.

    BRUPac ;) completed Painted Canyon Drive

    9 days ago

    BRUPac ;) reviewed Ladder Canyon Trail

    11 months ago

    this was a great half-day trip for us.

    the road getting in was washed out by a recent rain but we totally did it in 2 wheel drive or just recommend something with more ground clearance cuz there's some larger rocks but I definitely saw some smaller cars like Honda Accords and a Mercedes E-Class that made it in there and a Ford Mustang came in behind us.

    if you're doing the ladders portion of the hike when you get to the top go right and follow the rock piles we made the mistake of going left and it brings you to the end of the Rope portion of the hike which is not so bad going up but it's a little scary going down

    we went on 9/23/17

    BRUPac ;) completed Ladder Canyon Trail

    11 months ago