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    Member Since February 2018

    Brooke Malfatto

    Carlsbad, California 

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    Brooke Malfatto reviewed South Kaibab, Phantom Ranch, and Bright Angel Trail Loop

    about 1 month ago

    Great trail, great experience.
    We started down the trail at 6:10am on 5/4/19. The way down South Kaibab was beautiful and not hard. Read a lot of reviews that said to bring poles, and those definitely saved my knees. It took us 3 hours to get down, where we had lunch in the sparse shade we could find. The way up was pretty flat for 4 miles. There were cute little streams to hop over and beautiful grassy scenery. The entire incline was in the last 4 miles. My body was prepared and did just fine (although my feet were tired) but those last 4 miles were definitely hard on the mind. You think you should almost be to the top, but you look up and see so much more cliff you have to climb. I had headphones/music for the end, which was helpful. The entire hike took us 8 hours, 18 miles (with at least 1.5 hours of rest stops).

    I'm 35 (female), work out regularly, but trained specifically for this hike doing 76 miles of hikes over the last 2 months. The other gals I was with also did great- they didn't train specifically for this but run long distances regularly.
    I had the perfect gear. Wore running shorts under lose lightweight pants, altra trail running shoes, nice hiking socks, and a tank under a long sleeve work out shirt. (Layers are a must with the temp changes- it was 40 degrees when we started, in the 80s at the bottom and 60s at the end.) Also had poles, and a floppy hat.
    My food was also perfect. I had a 2 liter camelback, refilled it twice along the trail and used gatorade packets. Also ate 2 pb&h sandwiches, 4? protein bars, jerky, tuna packets, trail mix and an apple. I was eating and drinking pretty consistently throughout the entire hike and it paid off. I never had a lack of energy. I also recommend getting a pint of ice cream at the lodge store afterwards ;)
    We lucked out with perfect weather. And that, along with the scenery, my training, gear, and of course, great company resulted in a very enjoyable and productive day.

    Brooke Malfatto completed Calavera Lake Loop

    2 months ago

    Brooke Malfatto completed Valido Trail

    3 months ago

    Brooke Malfatto saved Valido Trail

    3 months ago