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    Member Since January 2019

    Brooke Cådle-Hickmån

    Riverside, California 

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    Brooke Cådle-Hickmån reviewed Point Loma Tidepools and Bluffs Trail

    12 days ago

    Perfect trail and if you want to explore more you can climb down on the rock and get up close and see the waves come up. It's beautiful and so peaceful to watch. Great, hike to do with kids as well. Just if you go down to the rocks watch where you step because it can get slippery.
    Parking is $20.00

    Brooke Cådle-Hickmån reviewed Sunset Cliffs Park Trail

    12 days ago

    Beautiful little trail. Super easy and can be done with kids. Go before the sunset and find a place to enjoy the sunset. You won't regret it! Parking is available on the street but the closer you go to sunset time it's does get harder to find a spot.