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    Member Since August 2018

    Brittany Phillips Pro-red@3x

    Winthrop, Washington 

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    Brittany Phillips reviewed Devils Bridge Trail

    12 days ago

    It was a beautiful hike. the last part to the top of the bridge I would rate as difficult. It was more a climb than a hike. Also on the way back we took Chuck Wagon trail back to the parking lot which is much more scenic and easier walking than the rocky road.

    Brittany Phillips completed Bell Rock

    13 days ago

    Brittany Phillips reviewed Bell Rock

    13 days ago

    great views! once you get part of the way up the rock the trail disappears and you're kind of on your own.

    Brittany Phillips reviewed Fay Canyon Trail

    13 days ago

    I really enjoyed this hike. My mom had shoulder surgery just 3 months ago, and we were looking for something pretty easy. This hike fit the bill very gradual elevation change with a pretty even surface to walk on. Great views along the trail and an awesome view at the end the trail if you're willing climb up the hill.

    Brittany Phillips completed Fay Canyon Trail

    13 days ago