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    Brittany Monroe reviewed Old Rag Mountain Loop Trail

    2 months ago

    This hike has beautiful views at the top with an amazing breeze to cool down after the uphill. The rock scrambles are very fun and can be easy for some or very difficult depending on your physical shape and comfortability with bouldering/climbing. At a certain point the distance of the hike can definitely be mentally taxing and a motivational killer if fatigued lol. Specially if doing the hike the opposite direction with the weakley hollow fire trail first. Very fun and enjoyable workout. Good luck everyone!

    Brittany Monroe saved High Line Park

    3 months ago

    Brittany Monroe completed Great Range Traverse

    10 months ago

    Brittany Monroe reviewed The Beehive Loop Trail

    12 months ago

    Extremely fun trail! It's a little nerve wrecking going up but totally worth it. The pond was an amazing spot full of life and a nice spot to cool off.

    Brittany Monroe reviewed Jordan Cliffs Trail to Penobscot Mountain

    12 months ago

    Great hike! The only thing was that on the way back on the loop; the Jordan Cliffs trail section with the fixed iron rungs was closed due to falcon nesting. We ended up continuing down a different trail down the mountain to Jordan pond and walked the path around the pond back to the parking lot. It ended up being a lot longer hike but it was definitely worth it. Plenty of beautiful scenery.

    Brittany Monroe saved Bar Island Trail

    12 months ago

    Brittany Monroe completed The Beehive Loop Trail

    12 months ago

    Brittany Monroe saved Gulf Hagas Trail

    12 months ago

    Brittany Monroe saved Ocean Path Trail

    12 months ago

    Brittany Monroe reviewed Cadillac Mountain South Ridge Trail Loop

    12 months ago

    Amazing trail! Very challenging and fun. I do not recommend this LOOP for someone that is not a regularly active person. Be careful with all the boulders on the way down and cool down with the icy cold water stream. Have fun!

    Brittany Monroe saved Precipice Trail

    12 months ago