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    Brigitte Cormier-Puhl reviewed Third Vault Falls Trail

    5 months ago

    Awesome hike with an amazing waterfall at the end. The trail follows a constant downhill grade right to the falls (2.2 miles). It gets a little steep at the end but still quite manageable. Not too difficult as long as you are agile and somewhat in shape. Once you reach the stream, keep going down and towards the left. (This part is a bit tricky but not too bad). After a couple minutes, you will reach the waterfall! The hike back is all uphill. At a steady pace, this entire trip (including a 25 minute break at the falls) took us a total of 1 hour 50 minutes (4.4 miles) Totally worth it!

    Brigitte Cormier-Puhl reviewed Waterrock Knob Trail

    about 1 year ago

    Awesome hike with great views. once you get to the top, there is a trail that veers left (follow the orange tags in the trees). It leads to a twin engine Cessna (plane crash) that happened in 1983. Its a good 20 minutes down that trail at a steady pace. If you follow the top of the ridge, you will come to big grey stones (3-4 feet high). One of the stones had a memorial plaque on it. Make a 90 degree turn and take the little trail directly next to the plaque. Follow the trail down the hill and to the left (less than 5 minutes). The plane is there.

    Brigitte Cormier-Puhl completed Waterrock Knob Trail

    about 1 year ago

    Brigitte Cormier-Puhl added Maggie Valley

    about 1 year ago