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    Brian Schmidlin reviewed Coyote Gulch, Crack-in-the-Rock to Jacob Hamblin Arch

    4 days ago

    Amazing views. Prepare to get your feet wet. I wouldn't attempt climbing out of hamblin arch unless there is a rope. Thankfully there was two.... but still with a rope, it wasn't easy. I couldn't fathom doing it without one.

    Brian Schmidlin completed Soldier Pass Trail

    13 days ago

    Brian Schmidlin reviewed Browns Peak via Brown's Trail

    about 1 month ago

    climbing the chute is not for everyone. take gloves. go slow. 3 points of contact at the sketchy parts. at 2 spots I basically had to do a pullup and was thinking how the hell am I gonna get down! when you go under the tree at what you think is the top, make a hard left to proceed up the last part. I left a beer at the top in the container. perfect fit! someone else brought the container and notepad. dont drink it, it gets windy and needs the weight! share your photos!

    Brian Schmidlin completed Browns Peak via Brown's Trail

    about 1 month ago