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    Bree Lestari

    San Francisco, California 

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    Bree Lestari reviewed Cataract Falls Trail, High Marsh, Kent Trail, and Helen Market Trail

    4 months ago

    This is a longer hike than it stated on here.
    We did the hike yesterday, and did the whole loop (clockwise). Our Apple watches recorded the total miles of 11.8 miles since we started from the Cataract trail head where we parked our car, all the way up to the waterfalls, then continued onto Helen Market, High Marsh trails, Kent Trail, and back to Cataract trail. And most of the hike was continuous inclines with serious up hills and downs and many stairs up and up and up. Definitely strenuous. But most of the trails are shaded, thanks goodness for that.

    We reached the last summit (Kent) which is open space with beautiful flower field; overlooking an amazing view down the mountain. From here we made our way back down to Cataract trail and was only less than 2 miles.

    Took us 6.5 hours to do the whole loop as we stopped to take a break here and there at some places; to catch our breath, to have our snacks and lunch, and for our pup to play. There were only 3 of us and our pup in the trails most of the time all the way up to the summits. If we didn’t have our pup, probably could finish it in 4 hours.

    Only encountered few people (4-6 people) mostly backpackers and hikers like us, taking the same routes but coming from opposite direction after 3/4 way of the whole journey which was pretty awesome.

    Cataract trail was too crowded with visitors who come only to see the waterfalls; so we decided to avoid the crowd and do the trails most people won’t; unless you’re a hardcore hikers like us. The park ranger called us “badass girls” Lol.

    All in all was an amazing hike and great work out for us and our pup. We’ll do it again in a heart beat. I agreed this is a hard hike; only recommended it to those who are physically fit enough.

    Bree Lestari reviewed Old Pinnacles Trail Loop

    5 months ago

    Did the hike yesterday. Started late around 10:30am. Was a little too warm but the breeze made it bearable. It got crowded at midday. The walk through the cave was great. Once we got through it; a beautiful oasis awaits us surrounded by beautiful rock formations. We saw so many wild flowers, squirrels, birds, and the condor. What a Beautiful place! It’s over two and a half hour drive from San Francisco, but it’s absolutely worth it.

    Bree Lestari completed Old Pinnacles Trail Loop

    5 months ago

    Bree Lestari reviewed Waterfalls of Mount Diablo Loop Trail

    7 months ago

    Did this trails on Sunday plus additional trail that isn’t on this map. We ended up doing a total of 8.4 miles. It was really muddy and slippery to start with from where we parked at regency drive, followed by steep climb up along the fire road (hardest climb), then strenuous ups and downs narrow trails to get to the waterfalls. Was a lot of fun to see the waterfalls and the creeks you don’t get to see during the summer. The view from the top is amazing! The hike back was again all muddy. Luckily, we can wash off the mud as we got closer to where we parked. Recommend to wear proper waterproof hiking boots in the winter as you will be crossing many creeks.

    Bree Lestari reviewed Cataract Falls Trail

    7 months ago

    Great workout this past Sunday. We started early; super excited to see snow flakes falling while we were driving. More excited when we arrived at the parking lot - the ground and grass covered in snow. Great workout, beautiful waterfalls and creeks running at full force. The lake and the dam were definitely worth a visit, too.

    Bree Lestari completed Cataract Falls Trail

    7 months ago

    Bree Lestari completed Moore Creek Park

    8 months ago

    Bree Lestari reviewed Moore Creek Park

    8 months ago

    Beautiful, dog-friendly trail with nice waterfalls and creek. Great hike last Saturday with friends and a puppy. It wA training the day before so the trails were wet but nice to see full waterfalls. Will do it again in Spring.

    Bree Lestari reviewed Grizzly Flat Trail to Table Mountain Loop

    10 months ago

    We did this hike in the rain this past Saturday. No flood though, which was good. We had a blast even though we couldn’t find anywhere comfortable to sit around to enjoy our lunch break. The end was bit hard but manageable since it’s all uphill. Great workout though.

    Bree Lestari reviewed Angels Landing Trail

    11 months ago

    Will do it again in a heart beat. Great hike with many switchbacks and amazing view from the peak. Start early in the morning to avoid heat and crowd.

    Bree Lestari completed Angels Landing Trail

    11 months ago

    Bree Lestari reviewed The Narrows (Top-Down) [PRIVATE PROPERTY]

    11 months ago

    We did it Friday, 9/21 after winning the lottery permit drawing. It was bit cold and challenging but rewarding. Beautiful landscapes inside the canyons.

    Bree Lestari reviewed Alamere Falls via Coast Trail from Palomarin Trailhead

    about 1 year ago

    The hike was great but too short, though it has Beautiful sceneries along the way which is great. Waterfalls are ok. It was much too crowded with children running around and more touristy than I like. Like other reviewer mentioned, many people carried portable speaker and people/children kicking around rocks.