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    Brannon Anders saved Dix Range

    1 day ago

    Brannon Anders completed Tenant Creek Falls

    28 days ago

    Brannon Anders saved Chimney Mountain Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Brannon Anders reviewed Whiteface, Lookout and Esther Mountains

    2 months ago

    Amazing hike. The trail up whiteface was great and well maintained. keep in mind esther is unmaintained but you'd be hard pressed to get lost on the way there as the herd path is well worn. Just turn right at the cairn. As of 4/10 the trail is clear of snow at the bottom but 500 feet up is mostly ice with a thin layer of snow on top. i recommend wearing crampons and i dont think micro spikes will cut it. deeper snow at the 3,000 ft above sea level mark, but the trail was packed enough i didnt need snow shoes. might change with warmer weather. The ridge towards the top of whiteface looks intimidating but its totally manageable. Did this for the 46er challenge and 10/10 will do again after i finish (in warmer weather hopefully)

    Brannon Anders reviewed Balsam Lake Mountain Wild Forest Trail

    3 months ago

    The trail road is blocked by a snow bank two miles before the trail is supposed to start. wait until spring or be prepared to snowshoe through deep snow. Didnt make the attempt at a summit because i wasnt prepared for the extra distance

    Brannon Anders added fire towers

    4 months ago

    Brannon Anders reviewed Bear Den Trail to Dial Mountain and Nippletop

    5 months ago

    Brutal winter hike if you go take alltrail's suggestion and do Nippletop first, but i imagine its a matter of preference if you want to get most of the climbing done asap. Trail from Elk Pass up to Nippletop is mostly ice. You will need decent spikes for this. Regular microspikes wont cut it as the couple a few dozen feet behind me found out (they had to quit halfway up because they couldnt make it up a particularly icy spot and i didnt have rope to help them). Also make sure to wear snowshoes since whatever isnt ice is 3-4 feet of fluffy snow, and if you stray 3 inches off the narrow packed down trail you will immediately posthole up to your waist. Once you get to Nippletop Summit the views are amazing and definitely worth the strenuous climb. The trail to Dial and over Bear Den is pretty easy from here (but keep your snowshoes on), with a little more climbing up to Noonmarks shoulder. There are also plenty of spots steep enough on the descent that you can literally sit down and butt slide 20-100 feet at a time to save energy (just use an ice axe or trekking poles to steer and stop) and have some fun. The only downside to this hike is the long approach up the access road you have to walk, but otherwise the views and the trail are 10/10

    Brannon Anders reviewed Phelps Trail

    5 months ago

    Did this hike Jan-15-2018 as my first winter high peak. -19 degrees at Marcy Dam. The trail itself wasn't overly technical or hard, but keep in mind that climbing these mountains in winter, with added clothing and gear, drains your energy much faster than in the summer. Wore snowshoes until i got off the van ho and onto phelps trail then switched to microspikes. the trail is too rocky/icy/ narrow to wear snowshoes safely. Beautiful views in the last quarter mile and at the rock shelf at the summit. There is a rather steep ice-filled section towards the top that will require decent spikes and steady foot/hand work, but it is climbable without special gear. Keep moving and you'll stay warm, but bring extra layers if you plan to stop for more than a few quick pictures.

    Brannon Anders completed Phelps Mountain Trail

    5 months ago

    Brannon Anders completed Pillsbury Mountain

    7 months ago

    Brannon Anders reviewed Mount Colden via Avalanche Pass Trail

    9 months ago

    A long hike for sure with plenty of scrambles, but if you don't mind the horrific amounts of biting flies and deep mud, Colden offers excellent views of Marcy, Algonquin, Wright, and Iroquois. And the path around Avalanche lake makes you feel like you're on a playground with all the ladders, bridges and rock jumping. Well worth the trip.

    Brannon Anders reviewed Ridge Trail to Giant Mountain and Rocky Peak Ridge

    9 months ago

    The climb up Giant was amazing as a good portion of the trail is open rock face with great views. The decent/accent/decent/accent going to rocky ridge and back is pretty brutal but well worth it. You can see Vermont and lake Champlain from rocky ridge on a clear day. My 7th and 8th high peaks and favorite hike so far. Be on the lockout for copperheads sunbathing on the open rock face. Ran into a couple on my hike.

    Brannon Anders added 46 high peaks

    9 months ago

    Brannon Anders reviewed Mount Marcy from Adirondak Lodge

    11 months ago

    Drove 2 hours and did this as a day hike. I'm in decent shape and do 10-15 mile hikes on a regular basis but the unrelenting incline of Mt Marcy left me sore the next day. The views are absolutely spectacular though and the feeling of accomplishment when you hit the summit can't be put into words. You are literally eye level with the clouds. Be sure to start the hike early as it takes most people 5-7 hours to summit. I started at 6am and finished at 6pm (with 2, 20 minute breaks at Indian falls which are worth stopping at and a 30 minute break at the top). If doing this as a day hike I suggest you carry plenty of water or a water filter, food for a few light meals, and warm clothing. The Peak was 30f with the wind chill while below the tree line was 70f. It gets cold fast. 10/10 would do again.

    Brannon Anders reviewed Dexter Lake Trail

    11 months ago

    Let me start by saying this isn't really a "trail" so much as a snowmobile path with no sign of human activity all summer. The log in book shows no one had been there in quite a while . Most of the time the "trail" was just barely a herd path and the rest of the time I found myself walking in knee high grass or stumbling over fallen limbs and trees. Sections of the "trail" were under inches of water and mud. The "trail" goes passed 3 lakes; Dry lake, Dexter lake, and can take you passed Spectacle lake but the "trail" suggest that it wants you to swim to the other side (it's a snowmobile trail, so you could cross it in the winter). Overall the lakes weren't anything special and I don't think it was worth bushwhacking the 9 miles. There was also abundant bear scat so there's that.

    Brannon Anders completed Dexter Lake Trail

    11 months ago

    Brannon Anders reviewed Chase Lake Trail

    11 months ago

    Let me start by saying the lake itself is beautiful. And unlike most lean-to shelters in the lower Adirondacks, the one on this trail was within eyesight and throwing distance from the lake. This would definitely make a nice camping location. The trail itself however is fairly average and doesn't offer any interesting sights. Also the first half mile of this hike is filled with bugs. To the point where I couldn't breath without getting them in my nose or mouth. And I used so much bug spray that I think I could've bathed in it and it wouldn't have helped. Overall a decent walk through the woods

    Brannon Anders completed Chase Lake Trail

    11 months ago

    Brannon Anders reviewed Mount Greylock and Saddle Ball Mountain

    11 months ago

    If you want to feel like Frodo bringing the one ring to the fires of mount doom, the trail between Saddle Ball and Mt Greylock can definitely help. The entire trail is beautiful and can be finished in 5 hours (with an hour break at the top of Mt Greylock). The top of Greylock is definitely a little crowded but only saw a handful of hikers on the rest of the loop. The views from the top are totally worth the trip and I even saw a bald eagle up there flying with the hangliders that use the Peak to launch from. Drove from upstate NY for this one and was not disappointed.

    Brannon Anders reviewed Tongue Mountain Range Loop Trail

    11 months ago

    This trail is pretty brutal if you try to do it all in one day but offers amazing views of Lake George for most of the hike. There are very few water sources on the ridge so if backpacking bring enough water to get you through the day. I went through 4 liters doing the whole trail. As others have said the trail is probably closer to 20 miles (what my fitness tracker said) and is not for children or people out of shape. Several descents from peaks are fairly steep so watch your footing and be wary of rattlesnakes. I did see one on the trail close to the entrance. Make sure to step on logs and not over them to avoid getting bit by anything hiding on the other side.

    Brannon Anders reviewed Holmes Lake

    11 months ago

    Nice little walk through the woods. The lake itself is crystal clear and there is a small campsite right on the lake for tenting . The lean-to is set back a few hundred feet from the lake but is clean and has pots/pans/ and a metal grate for cooking already there. The trail shown on the map is actually mostly dirt road. Cars can drive down 1/4 of the trail. Off-road vehicles can drive down 1/2 the trail before being stopped by a metal barricade where the actual trail begins. It's one mile from the end of the dirt road to the lake. I parked 1/4 of the way in and it only took an hour to get to the lake. Would make a nice spot to camp for anyone who doesn't want to walk far but still wants to be away from civilization. I did see perch fish jumping out of the lake to catch dragonflies and there are signs that suggest trout live in there as well. Trail was fairly dry with some boggy spots but it's easy enough to get around them.

    Brannon Anders completed Holmes Lake

    11 months ago

    Brannon Anders reviewed T Lake Falls Trail

    about 1 year ago

    Hiked all the way to the falls. The trail to the lean-to is fairly tame and typical for an Adirondack hike. The trail is well marked and a couple water crossings is all you'll have to worry about. Once you get to the lean-to you can see the faint remnants of the trail to the falls. I recommend only very experienced hikers attempt to follow it as the trail quickly disappears. If you pay attention it can still be followed, and on occasion you may see a ribbon or old trail marker lying on the ground, but Its apparent the DEC made an effort to remove all markers when they shut the trail to the falls down (due to several deaths at the falls). If you follow the river that flows from the lake you should be able to find them though, and the path offers some amazing views of wetlands. Closer to the falls I did run into some fresh bear tracks and territory markings on trees however, so make sure you bring your bear mace if you have it and make sure you're always paying attention. Once you get to the falls you finally get a sense of just how tall they are. The pictures don't do the height justice. After finding the old trail to the bottom I made an attempt to climb down, but it looks like a landslide took out a portion of the trail and only slippery moss covered rock at a 45 degree angle remains. it would be very easy to slip and tumble off the wooded area so I don't recommend even trying the decent. I went into this thinking I could manage the climb down. I changed my mind very quickly.

    All in all it was a great hike with excellent views. The lake is nice and the view from the top of the falls is worth it. Keep in mind there are signs of bears once you're on the abandoned trail to the falls.

    Brannon Anders completed T Lake Falls Trail

    about 1 year ago