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    Brandon Koishigawa completed Fehr Lake Trail

    3 months ago

    Brandon Koishigawa reviewed Battle Creek Lookout and Curly Springs via Bonneville Shoreline Trailhead

    4 months ago

    Great sight at the end.
    More medium than easy difficulty.
    Starts off as a steady incline, then flat to small incline.
    Went at 0600 at didn't see anyone until the hike back.
    Also a horse trail so expect to see big ol poops.

    Brandon Koishigawa reviewed Rock Canyon Trail

    4 months ago

    I stopped doing keto and began using carbs again and the hike was way easier for me (I had a hard time on the horse flat which was rated as easy).
    More for hiking rather than sightseeing/hiking.
    Should actually take the "views" tag out of the details.
    Mostly incline and very rocky.
    If you roll your ankles a lot you should buy good hiking shoes/boots or watch where you step.
    Going up took an hour and a half and around 45 minutes to get back down.

    Brandon Koishigawa completed Rock Canyon Trail

    4 months ago

    Brandon Koishigawa reviewed Primrose Overlook via Horse Flat Trail

    5 months ago

    Not much in terms of views for me (forest with a path).
    The app stated that it’s good for all people, I disagree as I wasn’t used to the elevation in town let alone here.
    The site however shows moderate difficulty so pass on that critique.
    Went early enough that I passed only a few people (got there by 0720) so it was more peaceful to hike.
    The bugs were an annoyance, but the biggest thing is to watch out for horse sh*t.
    Will do this hike again when it snows.

    Brandon Koishigawa reviewed Bridal Veil Falls Trail

    5 months ago

    Not too bad for a first walk in UT.
    Traveled the route and ended up a steep rocky area (too steep for me for as of now).
    You can continue walking (paved path), it’s just surrounded by trees and a river on the right for maybe 3 more miles.