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    Great hike, not too steep. The road leading in to the trailhead is rough, but you can easily get to it in a car, we took a Focus. The views from the top are absolutely amazing!

    6 months ago

    Great hike with rewarding views!!!

    7 months ago

    Amazing hike with fantastic views. The lake was a lovely sight!

    Amazing views!

    Amazing hike with breathtaking views! Trail is steep and hard on the knees when going down, wish I had grabbed my poles. Trail is in great shape and just a touch of snow still left in the higher elevation. The road into the trail is quite nice, you don't a high clearance vehicle to get there.

    Trail to the lake was full of blow downs. Above the lake the trail starts to become covered on snow, but it had melted enough in spots so you could still spot the trail. We chose to go down trail 161 and make more of a loop. 161 is really overgrown and muddy. The views from the top make it all worth while though. You can see the Selkirks, the Cabinet Wilderness, Lake Pond Oreille. Pack bear spray, we didn't see any bears, just lots of scat.

    9 months ago

    Great hike with nice views from the top. We hiked through a tad of snow near the top, but overall trail conditions were great. The fs road to the trail is also in great condition, my little focus handled it just fine!

    5 months ago

    6 months ago

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