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    Member Since July 2018

    Bonner Price

    Los Angeles, California 

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    Bonner Price reviewed Trans-Catalina Trail

    14 days ago

    One of the best and most convenient backpacking trips I have done. There are a couple great spots to stop for a hot meal (Airport in the sky, two harbors) and the views of the pacific are incredible. You also run into a lot of bison and other interesting wildlife. Remember to bring in your own water if you camp at Parson’s Landing.

    Bonner Price completed Trans-Catalina Trail

    14 days ago

    Bonner Price reviewed Echo Mountain via Sam Merrill Trail

    14 days ago

    What I love about this trail is the history when you get to the top. There’s a lot of shade and picnic benches to eat your trail snack or enjoy a relaxing moment.

    Bonner Price reviewed Wisdom Tree, Cahuenga Peak and Mount Lee Summit Loop

    14 days ago

    Incredible hike in the middle of the city.

    Bonner Price reviewed Old Zoo Trail

    14 days ago

    This is a nice long and convenient hike. There is some shade (by LA standards). The trail is not well marked so we go lost several times. There were not a lot of people and the trail was very well preserved.

    Bonner Price completed Old Zoo Trail

    14 days ago

    Bonner Price reviewed Sostomo and Deer Valley Loop Trail

    14 days ago

    Great hike that is well marked! The waterfall is particularly nice,