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    Member Since May 2019

    Bobby Huckins

    Carnelian Bay, California 

    Favorite Activities

    hikingnature tripsoff road drivingrock climbingcampingfishingpaddle sportswalking

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    Bobby Huckins reviewed Tahoe Rim to Watson Lake Trail

    20 days ago

    Trail covered in snow after you get down to Watson Creek, unable to tell where the trail goes and can't really tell where the markers are either. Wandered around for a bit but couldn't figure it out. Fun trail down to the creek though, lots of scenic views. Saw 3 coyotes, lots of birds, squirrels and chipmunks!

    Bobby Huckins reviewed Eagle Lake Trail

    27 days ago

    Snow flurries while hiking and snow melt made the trail a bit of a muddy hike but fun to avoid the puddles of water by jumping from rock to rock(also able to walk around puddles). Fairly easy trail. Had to hike over about 3 patches of snow still covering the trail which were all an easy short trek. Beautiful view of Eagle Lake at the end of the trail.

    Bobby Huckins completed Eagle Lake Trail

    27 days ago