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    Bob Simek reviewed Molly Springs Road to Reservoir Trail

    1 day ago

    Great property, wish I was closer. Will be back!

    Bob Simek added Rocky Beavers Loop

    3 days ago

    Bob Simek added Beaver Fever Loop

    5 days ago

    Bob Simek updated Mountain Park Deadtop Loop via B-17 Crash Site

    6 days ago

    Bob Simek reviewed Chestnut Hill Reservoir Trail

    6 days ago

    Quick loop around the pond. Looks like the Eagles are getting ready for Clemson. Gonna be a good one! Well, the game is over now, it's Sunday today. They lost...bummer when your QB goes down on, like, the first play of the game. That fat Tiger boy should have been ejected for that. At any rate this is a nice loop, look for the Blue Heron on the back side, by the cemetery. Oh, almost forgot, I parked over near the rez pump house which is inactive now but an awesome (haunted) museum today. Check out the ghosts in one of my posted pix, that was an interesting encounter.

    Bob Simek added Pump House Loop

    7 days ago

    Bob Simek reviewed Mount Tom

    8 days ago

    Great views! Parked at Mt Joe then went straight up being careful not to step on a rattlesnake. Cool basalt rock everywhere. Found myself at the para-sailing jump-off point and watched one dude sail away...very cool. Then went to search for WWII B-17 crash site and memorial and found that down paved road that was once the cable car railway. Great history but unfortunate end for 25 American servicemen. Came around the southeastern side on my descent to catch a nice sunset. So excellent!