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    Member Since March 2018

    W W Pro-red@3x

    Wenatchee, Washington 

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    W W saved Sourdough Mountain Trail

    about 3 hours ago

    W W completed Beechey Head Loop

    5 days ago

    W W reviewed Devil's Spur

    5 days ago

    Nice hike. Wild flowers were great. Dog friendly.

    W W completed Thetis Lake Trail

    10 days ago

    W W added Ranch hike Wenatchee

    11 days ago

    W W completed Ranch Trail

    11 days ago

    W W completed Devil's Spur

    13 days ago

    W W reviewed Maple Pass Trail

    16 days ago

    Great hike. A little snow up top, but not an issue. Views are hard to beat.

    W W saved Chatter Creek Trail

    17 days ago

    W W reviewed Wenatchee Confluence Trail

    18 days ago

    Very nice easy hike. Essentially flat, with minimal hills. The outer part of the loop is closed right now. Plenty of birds. Bikes are not allowed for most of it.

    W W completed Rainbow Loop Trail

    18 days ago