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    Dr. Billy S. Lor reviewed Backbone Trail: Tapia to Kanan-Dume

    5 months ago

    One day trailed running and hiked! Completed the Backbone Trail: Tapia to Kanan-Dume, in 4 1/2hrs, over 11.6 miles in/out, a total of 23.2 miles, at 2,936ft. Rated: Moderate/Hard. Nice overcast (February 2018). Good to build your endurance!

    The trail is primary used for hiking, mountain biking, and trail running and it is accessible year-around. In addition, be mindful of mountain bikers and dogs need to be on a leash. It was an amazing workout! My legs were on fire: burning nonstop. Also, if you’re planning on parking on Malibu Creek Road, the cost for parking all day is $8.00.

    On that note, if you're looking to get into shape, lose weight, or tone up. I recommend, incorporated some kind of physical activities. That was a lovely hiked and trailed running. "Mind over matter." ❤️

    Dr. Billy S. Lor reviewed Sugarloaf Mountain Trail

    5 months ago

    Completed Sugarloaf Mountain Trail in 6hrs, over 12.6 mile in/out, at 3,228ft.

    The dirt road was closed and I had to hike one mile to get to the trailhead. The ranger said not to hike it, but I did it anyway. I wanted to reach the peak and see the view of Mt. San Gorgonio.

    Good for building and strengthen your endurance. Very hard with extreme inclines, not for beginner hikers. Advanced hikers, need a partner! Highly recommended during this time of condition (February 2018). I was the only hiker, there!

    The trail conditions need to be maintained: it was covered with overgrown heavy vegetation, rocks, icy-snow, and soft snow that made it hard to located the trail. I got detoured and lost. I couldn't find my way back down because of the sun light reflected off the snow, which made it very hard to see my footprints and path: so I made my own pathway down the mountain. I got to admit, it was scary. Need a good sense of navigational skills. Must stay on the trail!

    Need clamp on's (boot snow chains)! Man, I am tired! I recommend not hiking this trail until it is fixed.

    I am proud of myself for doing this - it was a difficult hiked due to the trail conditions.

    Dr. Billy S. Lor reviewed Big Sycamore Canyon Trail

    6 months ago

    Big Sycamore Canyon: completed a 15.2 mile hike at 951ft, along with the Rancho Sierra Vista, Fireline Trail, and Guadalasco Trail, etc. Easy inclines: a good day hike for beginners. Great for building endurance. Nice and cool weather, at 74 degrees, in January 2018. Be mindful of mt. bikers, please. No dogs. A power bar(s) & 1.5L of water would be fine.

    Dr. Billy S. Lor reviewed South Fork Trail to San Gorgonio Mountain via Mine Shaft Saddle

    6 months ago

    We hiked and backpack Mt San Gorgonio at 11,503ft over 22 miles, November 2017. The nights were so cold, below 40F, that our toes were frozen that we couldn’t even feel them and endlessness sleeping nights. Hiked in the dark for 6 miles without headlamps using the night sky to navigated our descent back to base camp from the peak and the trails.

    Dr. Billy S. Lor reviewed Mt. San Antonio & Mt. Baldy Notch Trail

    6 months ago

    My first time hiked alone for the year! Starting the new year off right. One day hike. Completed (at the peak) Mt. San Antonio in 6 1/2hrs, at 10,064ft with coordinate at 34° 17′ 20.02″ N, 117° 38′ 48.2″ W. January 2018. It was below 34 degree. Hands and feet were frozen: too cold! Couldn’t feel my blood circulating. Drinking tube was frozen. Very thin air. Met some amazing hikers too. Wow, that was so awesome!! Man, I’m tired.... NOT FOR KIDS!

    Dr. Billy S. Lor reviewed Black Star Canyon Trail

    9 months ago

    Black Start Canyon Trail was an amazing hike. If you like to hike over rocks, bushes, and climb mountains. This hike is for you. Good for people who wants to get into hiking, I recommend that you should try this trail. At the end of the trail, you will reached a mini waterfall. Try it out.

    Dr. Billy S. Lor reviewed Billy Goat Loop Trail

    9 months ago

    Billy Goat Loop Trail was simple hiked w/ some high inclines. Good for an evening or early bird morning hike. In evening the sunset is beautiful. In the morning you will still get fogginess (depending on the weather condition), but it is amazing and depending on the month(s). You will feel like your closer to heaven. Simple/good workout hike in the city.

    Dr. Billy S. Lor reviewed Heather Lake Trail

    9 months ago

    Be prepared to hike long trails and inclines. Crossing streams and snow the higher elevation at 4,000/over. Follow the trail to get to the Watchtower viewpoint....what an amazing site. Heather Lake over 9, 345ft+ elevation. You get snow, over overcast, cold/high winds depending on the weather condition(s): check with the rangers before.

    We went in June 2017 for 3 days and 2 nights, the lake was partially frozen, soft and hard snow, and what I called slushy snow, and it was still cold. We hiked over 20mi+ round trip. Not for kids. Need really good hiking shoes, gears: hiking poles, clamps for shoes, water filter, etc. Must be prepared for camping/backpacking/hiking trip if you're planning on staying overnight, it gets colder the higher you go, over 8,000+ elevation and the ground is still frozen. Need bear canister.

    Need to check in with the rangers station and get an overnight permit in person before 4 pm. Other than that, it was an amazing trip. Try it out! God Bless.

    Dr. Billy S. Lor reviewed San Jacinto Peak from The Tramway

    9 months ago

    The trail offers you amount of beautiful sceneries. You can camp and hike different trails. Good for backpacking/camping. There are little water and streams make sure to have a water filter to replenish water if overnight camping and along the hiking trails. Bear containers or bear bags are needed. Prepared your gear(s) and packed light. Carried your waste back. Permits are required for overnight camping. Amazing..!!!