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    Beth Ann Wynne Thornhill reviewed Cleghorn Ridge Trail

    8 months ago

    Took a group of 11 Jeeps today. Weather was perfect. Lots of fun puddles to go through. Main road quite easy, with plenty of off-shoots for more difficulty. Plenty of views for everyone! All people on trail very nice. Make sure you make punchbowl a stop.

    Beth Ann Wynne Thornhill reviewed Indian Truck Trail

    9 months ago

    Went with Funshine Jeep Girls and we had a blast. Slow and easy to the top...15 Jeeps made for a long but rewarding day! Be careful as lots of hikers (very nice) and bikers and motorcycles also share the road. Had a potluck and enjoys the views! Incredible to see so much greenery and lushness! Road balances on pretty much mountain top, which is cool to see from up top. Some very silty parts, few rocky parts...overall fairly easy road to traverse. Would love to do this one again, but stop and take more scenic pics! INCREDIBLE VIEWS!

    Beth Ann Wynne Thornhill reviewed Bradshaw Trail

    9 months ago

    Easy dusty road filled with fun things to stop and see. Beautiful views of nature and stars at night are simply incredible!

    Beth Ann Wynne Thornhill reviewed Gold Mountain Trail

    10 months ago

    I conquered this with the help from an off road crew of great guys!
    I have a stock JKU 4 door and made it by going slow and easy!
    Beautiful trail and the rocks are amazing sounding as you ride over them! It’s surreal!

    Beth Ann Wynne Thornhill reviewed Berdoo Canyon Road Drive

    10 months ago

    Coming from Dillon, you’ll cross into the canyon where people love to shoot in that area.
    Be careful you are fully out of that Canyon and past the gate before you stop.... just in case of bullets ricocheting down the canyon walls.
    Beautiful easy trail with 3 to 4 little spots of rocks/ruts, and an occasional sandy hill to climb! Once you reach the rounded rocks, be careful of bees ( depending on time of year). Nice easy road after rocks.
    Once road splits, go left to come out in Joshua Tree National Park. Will most likely pay fee coming out that side.
    Beginners- this is a great trail for you!

    Beth Ann Wynne Thornhill reviewed Berdoo Canyon

    10 months ago

    Loved this one too- such interesting plants along the way! Even the rocks change from rounded and HUGE, to craggy and sharp, back to rounded... Started in Indio off Dillion Road and ended up at Pappy & Harriets! We did stop to eat lunch at a pull off near big rounded rocks- be careful of the bees! They were plentiful and very curious.

    Beth Ann Wynne Thornhill completed Berdoo Canyon

    10 months ago

    Beth Ann Wynne Thornhill reviewed El Toro Peak

    10 months ago

    This was my first run solo as a new Jeeper. Trail itself was narrow, but you could manage spots to pass. Not crowded at all- did this mid-Sept. Spots to pull over and rest, sleep, camp, a bigger camp site with 4-5 sites all together with a vault toilet. Cool place to fill your water bottles from a pipe sticking out of the ground...fresh clean water straight from the trail! get to the top and you have an incredible vista view! Hike a little ways from there (blocked off from vehicle traffic) and you are up at the towers. Would definitely do this again!

    Beth Ann Wynne Thornhill completed El Toro Peak

    10 months ago