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    Ben Schneider reviewed Mariners' Museum Park Trails

    3 months ago

    Heavily trafficked trail. Every time I've gone I've seen tons of other walkers/joggers on the path. Bridges over the lake are great.

    Ben Schneider reviewed The Matteson Trail

    3 months ago

    Well paved trail with easy mile markers throughout. Doesn't feel as much like a trail as a long jogging path, but the golf course is well maintained and you can spot plenty of deer in the fall. Great place for a 3 mile jog.

    Ben Schneider completed The Matteson Trail

    3 months ago

    Ben Schneider reviewed Trillium Loop Trail

    3 months ago

    Easy path, even with little kids. Scenery by the lake is great with lots of turtles and ducks for young ones to watch.

    Ben Schneider completed Trillium Loop Trail

    3 months ago