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    2 days ago

    Just muddy and packed snow.

    10 days ago

    Not much to see till you get to the lake. This trail is made for backcountry skiing. If you don't have skis, bring a toboggan for a fun trip down.

    3 months ago

    Always a nice hike but boring through the forest if you're going up to the ridge. We always hike back along the ridge to get the views. There isn't a marked trail on the ridge but you just need to follow the edge. Drop down when you see the cairns. We went Nov 25th, no need for snowshoes but spikes were useful.

    5 months ago

    went oct 20. the snow is not very deep. micro spikes will do. bears are still active. seen tracks mid way up.

    5 months ago

    Good hike. Moderate effort for great views. Went oct 14. trail up to ridge is good but snow gets deep on the way down to the lakes. also poses avalanche danger in one spot. wouldn't recommend if more snow falls. Note that the map is out of date. Switch backs now make it easier.

    Went Oct 8 and there is 2 feet of snow. Only made it to the waterfall and lost the trail several times. Done for the season but did this in the summer and it's well worth it.

    It's close to Calgary so that's definitely a huge plus. Views are ok but the factory hum lasts most of the way up. if you don't like scrambling don't do this hike. There is 10 meter 50 deg scramble up to Door Jamb. The rock is solid and very rough giving good grip. Just keep in mind that unless you're doing the loop you have to scramble down. Doable but I don't recommend this hike for large dogs.

    Even if you just make to the pass the views are incredible. Made the summit last year but went May 5th this year and sank into 2 meter drifts after the pass. Mid June should be good.

    10 months ago

    Did it May 21. Total lung buster but views are incredible. There is snow on the ridge, deep in some places but we did it without major difficulty just really wet socks. Bring gators. We did the loop descending into the valley and exiting via King Creek. The valley trail is damaged and often disappears. I lost count how many times we had to cross over King creek since the water level is a bit high. Took us just over 5 hours to do the loop.

    May 25th no snow on the trail just some on the ridge. if you don't want the mild scramble follow the trail on the right next to the creek. Walk around/under the butte by crossing the scree/dirt slope. Once crossed turn left and walk up the grassy slope. It's a short but pretty steep walk up. Enjoy lunch on the picnic table provided.

    15 days ago

    Tuesday, September 02, 2014