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    Austin Knight reviewed Piedra River Trail

    9 days ago

    Easy trail but beautiful - starting in a meadow and then going through an Amazon river gorge. Lots of places to hike down to the river and spend time in the water. Easily accessible and well marked.

    Austin Knight completed Piedra River Trail

    9 days ago

    Austin Knight reviewed Atalaya Mountain Trail

    about 1 year ago

    Nice day hike very convenient to Santa Fe. I'd call it "moderate" rather than easy based on the length and steepness. About half way up there's a split for the "easy" way or the "steep" way. The easy way has nice vista views but goes a little out of the way. The steep is pretty steep but much shorter.

    Overall this is a nice trail to get out in the woods on without driving far out from town. It's good to have AllTrails or a map - the trail splits a few times and it's easy to get off course.

    Austin Knight completed Atalaya Mountain Trail

    about 1 year ago