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    Member Since June 2019

    Audrey Pindell

    Providence, Rhode Island 

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    Audrey Pindell reviewed Harderkulm to Oberreid via Augstmatthorn

    8 days ago

    One of the best hikes I’ve done! Did not complete the whole ridge but went to Augstmatthorn and back to the Harderkulm lookout. We decided to take the tram up and back down to save our legs early on and it was so worth it. Ended up being an 11 mile hike with 3000+ ft elevation gain even with cutting out the hike from Interlaken to Harderkulm. It was in the 80’s with full sun once out on the ridge so it felt more challenging than expected, though the most sweat came from the ups and downs in the trees getting up the the exposed ridge. Stunning views of the lakes and bigger mountains and the narrow ridge trail was unique and fun. Very memorable and highly recommended.

    Audrey Pindell reviewed Wengen to Kleine Scheidegg Trail

    8 days ago

    Gorgeous trail, epic views. The first half coming up from Wengen was in the trees (lovely shade) and then it opens up to amazing views of the glaciers and big 3 mountains. Probably took us double the time with all the necessary photo stops. Felt like an easy hike but 3,000+ ft elevation gain made for a solid day.