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    Member Since July 2017

    Ashley Peach

    Huntington, West Virginia 

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    Ashley Peach reviewed Jenny Lake Trail

    14 days ago

    This was easily the most beautiful hike I’ve ever done. The water was amazing, the views of the Tetons were amazing... we didn’t see any bears as other reviews mentioned. We did see some moose at Moose Pond— definitely take the time to veer off the loop trail to the pond (maybe 1 mile).

    Ashley Peach completed Jenny Lake Trail

    14 days ago

    Ashley Peach reviewed Norton Lakes

    14 days ago

    I really liked this trail! There were some overgrown sections, but it was fine. There were several people fishing at the upper lake. We got in and swam at the lower lake— the water was freezing! But hey, we came all the way out to Idaho; we had to jump in!!

    Ashley Peach completed Norton Lakes

    14 days ago

    Ashley Peach saved Norton Lakes

    17 days ago

    Ashley Peach reviewed Devils Fork and Devils Bathtub Loop Trail

    about 1 month ago

    This quickly became one of my favorite hikes! I hiked it when the water was relatively low, so that made crossing the creeks much easier. Speaking of water: the water at Devil’s Bathtub was absolutely incredible. It was so clear and beautiful I couldn’t believe it. I regretted not taking a bathing suit! I would recommend visiting this trail early to beat the crowd, though. There were several people (mostly kids) hanging around the swimming hole and the actual Devil’s Bathtub area. I did not hike the entire 7.8 miles; I went straight to Devil’s Bathtub. The sign said 1.8 miles but my watch recorded about 2.4. Regardless, if you have 2.5-3 hours you HAVE to check this place out! 10/10 recommend :)

    Ashley Peach reviewed Craggy Gardens Trail

    11 months ago

    This trail was nice! There were a lot of rocks which made it more difficult but it wasn’t the worst rocky hike I’ve ever done. When we went it was extremely foggy and couldn’t see a whole lot.... however we did hike the additional 3.6 miles to Douglas Falls and it was beautiful!

    Ashley Peach completed Craggy Gardens Trail

    11 months ago