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    Chuck Curry reviewed Circle B Bar Preserve Trail

    3 months ago

    Trail was flooded so I went along the paved areas. In 5 minutes I saw a baby gator, a huge owl and a wild sow with 3 piglets! What everyone says about wildlife in the other reviews is true, but I feel bad giving 5 stars to a flooded trail. Definitely going back on my next business trip to the area, so I hope I have a more complete review to write at that time. Don't hike often in Florida, but this seems a candidate for the elevated boardwalks I've seen on other trails.

    Chuck Curry reviewed Garden of Eden Trail

    6 months ago

    Starts off a broad sandy trail with burned foliage all around. Not sure if intentional or recent wild fire, but it smells good. Less than half a mile in and you're in the trees, staying there for about a mile before some more open spaces, then back in the trees around the River Loop. The bugs were annoying but not too out of hand so long as you keep moving. Lots of squirrels, birds, deer, and a few other things crashing around in the trees.

    Made it to the River Loop head after about 1.6 miles. Bearing to the right takes you to a nice bluff, if you don't see the obvious sign. Nice views from a good perch of the Apalachicola. You can continue from the bluff to the River Loop or turn around.

    I followed the loop, which is definitely the road less traveled. Trees are marked, but not as well, and the trail is not nearly as worn in as the main section. The loop also has some of the most elevation change per distance of the whole trail. If you're losing light and need to get back, I would skip the loop.

    Coming back after the loop in the waning light, I came across a copperhead in the trail. Big one too, at about 5 feet long. Watch your step in the twilight.

    Well marked trail, perfect distance for a business trip, nice mix of canopy and open views, big river bluff views, and some very un-Floridian elevation changes make this a regional 5 star almost by default.

    Will definitely do again! :D

    Chuck Curry completed Garden of Eden Trail

    6 months ago

    Chuck Curry reviewed Acadiana Park Nature Station

    7 months ago

    Very pretty trail. with the usual bayou country inconveniences...namely spider webs everywhere. The good news is that of the 25 or so snake varieties in Louisiana, only 6 are commonly found in the park. But nothing is free in this world - they're the 6 most venomous!

    The map here does not reflect all the trails south of the canal, nor the fun boardwalk, but they'll be the first things you see. Watch for snakes (ref: above) as they are there. I saw a big cottonmouth just off the Palmetto Loop. You will also see lilies, palmettos and incredible live oaks...Enough to make you sad human society is expanding.

    Some paths run by the canal. I didn't see any gators, but it's not the one you see that gets you. Be careful and have fun! :)

    Chuck Curry updated Niederhorn

    10 months ago

    Chuck Curry completed Mount Olympus Trail

    10 months ago

    Chuck Curry reviewed Slavin Gulch, Dragoon Mountains

    10 months ago

    This trail is more like 7.5 miles in and back, and a bit more if you clamber up the tailings and get to the mine head. Watch your step though. It can be very slippery. That aside, it's a great trail through some fairly unique rockscapes. First mile or so is very gradual, with great views as the gulch starts to close in around you. After that it's a steadily increasing uphill until the bottom of the ore chute, which is a sight to see. Last few hundred feet, as I said above, are very steep and treacherous, probably should avoid if you have a dog, but if you do go up, keep a sharp eye for the old dugout cabin. Great views of the valley below, and interesting remnants of a fascinating former world.

    Chuck Curry reviewed Brown Mountain Loop Trail

    10 months ago

    Chuck Curry saved Chena Dome Trail

    11 months ago

    Chuck Curry added Small Leg Horse Trail

    about 1 year ago

    Chuck Curry reviewed Wild Horse Trail

    about 1 year ago

    Beautiful trail. Well defined and great views. Parked for free and campground was deserted. But it was a Thursday. Would do it again, and also Dripping Springs.

    Chuck Curry completed Wild Horse Trail

    about 1 year ago

    Chuck Curry reviewed Temecula to Vail Lake Overlook and Oak Mountain

    about 1 year ago

    This isn't a trail. It's a road.

    Chuck Curry added wine country Temecula

    about 1 year ago

    Chuck Curry reviewed Elk Grove Creek Trail to Laguna Creek

    about 1 year ago

    Not sure which part of this trail was my favorite.

    The fetid pools of filthy water stagnating in the creek bed were able to attract some blue jays and even what looked like a heron, or was it heroin? Watch out for easter egg needles in the brush!

    The weird dude on the 99 overpass cartwheeling into a pushup position and shouting "you want some?" while doing very unmilitary pushups was amusing, but not sure he would have kept his distance from someone not 6'2" and male. Just sayin'

    Was it a Boone's farm fueled love fest I interrupted? Or were they just in there picking up trash and broken glass? Ye gods, there was a lot of that.

    6 level road crossings with inoperable crossing signals. Nowhere to park. Shall I continue?

    If I could give a half star, or even a quarter, I would think I had been too kind. This trail is gross, and probably dangerous.

    Chuck Curry added CA Trails

    about 1 year ago

    Chuck Curry reviewed Howth Loop Trail

    about 1 year ago

    Easy to get to from Dublin. I took the DART from Connolly Station, about 30-35 minutes, and 6.15 Euro for a return. Not a bad deal. After enjoying the piers, walk to the end of the shops away from the station and follow the road uphill. You will eventually come to the start of the trail. You are in for spectacular views from the cliffs for about the next 2-3 miles. There is a treacherous path of old steps down to a secret beach close to the 5 mile point, but I'll say no more - It wouldn't be a secret then, would it? Just keep your eyes open for offshoot paths.

    From the halfway point, the views are fewer as you move into the greenery, but lots of delicious wild blackberries to snack on as a consolation prize. When you turn inland, you should be keen to enjoy the woods, and crossing a road and a golf course. Past the golf course, the trail starts to get well worn again, and you're on the home stretch, through the neighborhoods of the village and down to the bus stop right across from the DART station.

    Great hike, if a little boring at the end, but you could easily go the other way, and get the boring stuff over right away.


    Chuck Curry completed Howth Loop Trail

    about 1 year ago

    Chuck Curry updated Niederhorn - Habkern

    about 1 year ago

    Chuck Curry reviewed Niederhorn - Habkern

    about 1 year ago

    Chuck Curry updated Niederhorn - Habkern

    about 1 year ago

    Chuck Curry reviewed Fort Braden Trails

    over 1 year ago

    What's laid out here in red is the Equestrian trail, not the hiking trail. I was alternating at the intersections for the first 4 miles of the East Loop. I started too late, and my ego got the better of me...I figured I would run the trail, but frequent stops for clearing orb weaver webs slowed me down. Also, in the last 1/2 mile or so before looping back to the central trunk, the trail disappears. There are paint blazes all over most of the trail...but they fade out and disappear toward the end.

    Combine the failing light, a lost trail, and a low cell phone battery from checking the app too much to get back ON trail, and I had to make a judgment call...being inexperienced with Florida bush, I stopped where I was, and called the sheriff. An hour later, I saw their flashlight! I was less than a half mile from the trailhead, but in the dark, with no bearings, I could just as easily have gone deeper into the woods.

    In town on a business trip, I did not have my usual pack, and foolishly assumed a relatively flat Florida trail would be a cinch for an Arizonan! Turned out to be a very humbling experience for an experienced desert and mountain hiker. And very unexpected on a suburban trail so close to two roads. It goes to show that either I'm a moron, or that it can happen to anyone...Or both! LOL!

    Taking it in from the safety of my hotel room now, the trail was nice, and had I not run out of light, I am sure I would have gotten out without help. There is no doubt the late parts of the East Loop need some maintenance, but there is not enough maintenance in the world to offset poor assumptions when it comes to the outdoors.

    Don't start too late in the day! And NEVER underestimate a dense forest! Also, big shout out to Leon County Deputies Derek and Torrance, Gadsden County 911, and Abdul at Consolidated Dispatch!

    Side note: If you do get into trouble, turns out cells ping off a Gadsden County tower, even though the trail is in Leon County...Be sure to tell the 911 operator that you are in Leon County!

    Chuck Curry completed Fort Braden Trails

    over 1 year ago

    Chuck Curry reviewed Bear Creek Educational Forest via Bear Creek Loop Trail

    over 1 year ago

    Move the whole top portion of the trail in red to the upper dotted line and there you have the Bear Creek loop. It's actually 3 miles and an easy 45-60 minutes...Depending on the number of times you are trapped by awful spiders. This trail was interesting, but they were out of control. YUUUUGE spiders centered on their webs over and over and over along the the first half mile, I was running waving a giant stick in front of myself...Even as I type this, I am plucking horrid yellowish webs and spider parts from my hat and shoulders. Maybe that's part and parcel of panhandle Florida...I don't know.

    More elevation change than I expected from Florida, so that was a nice workout, but on the whole...spiders made it gross. Also. It's a fee area (two bucks as of today) so out of towners beware.

    Something to do on a work trip, but I'll be looking for something else tomorrow.

    Chuck Curry completed Tumamoc Hill

    over 1 year ago

    Chuck Curry reviewed Acorn Hammock Trail

    over 1 year ago

    Did this on a lark, although it would have been more fun on a horse...OK, I thought it was funny. Anyway, in Florida on a business trip and it was close by so I thought I would test my arid mountain mettle against the humidity of Florida.

    I was so busy looking at the lake that I walked right by the start of the loop portion. Went on about a half mile before I realized my mistake! Went back and did the loop. It was peaceful, with a lot of butterflies, a few armadillo, and about 14.2 million mosquitoes per cubic centimeter. Bug spray is advised, but I found that turning my stroll into a jog kept them trailing. Overall, a nice sample of Central Florida forest. Trail got pretty swampy where it cuts back to the northeast to close the loop, but otherwise very well marked. The lake was the best part IMO, but avant garde types might enjoy B&W snaps in the wooded canopy. Very haunting.

    All in all a nice diversion and a damn sight better than a hotel treadmill.

    Chuck Curry completed Acorn Hammock Trail

    over 1 year ago

    Chuck Curry reviewed Tumamoc Hill

    over 1 year ago

    Good workout for keeping your mountain legs during the week, and great views of the city day or night. Some really steep parts and a lot of wildlife, despite the crowds.

    Oh yeah...the crowds. If you like mariachi music or bubble gum pop you will love that many trail-walkers are unaware of that marvelous invention...ear buds.

    One star for that...

    Chuck Curry reviewed A Mountain

    over 1 year ago

    I like to do A mountain in the evenings during the work week. It's a quick and easy way to keep your mountain legs on a low idle until the weekend. I really don't think this should be rated "moderate". It's paved, and while it's a little steep, it is not long. It's not really a trail. You just walk along the road. You have to watch for traffic, as a lot of people come up for the sunset. Many of them are more worried about strutting and posturing than watching the road, but the views of Tucson, especially when the season permits darkness before the 8 o'clock closing time, are pretty cool.