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    Member Since October 2018

    Anthony Jannetty

    Bethany, Connecticut 

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    Anthony Jannetty reviewed Black Rock Trail

    8 months ago

    Hiked this trail many times since my teenage years and always enjoy the view from the top at 'Black Rock' esp this time of year.
    Trail is moderate and can be challenging for anyone not used to steep climbs but def manageable just take your time, using a hiking pole/stick can be helpful. Total time to top from parking area inside park is 30 minutes or less.

    Anthony Jannetty completed Black Rock Trail

    8 months ago

    Anthony Jannetty reviewed Larkin Bridle Path

    8 months ago

    This is a fairly easy trail that may be used for walking, running, biking and horseback riding. Depending on the recent weather some areas may be buggy, muddy or icy so be aware.
    If geocaching is one of your hobbies the trail is loaded with them, if your not familiar and would like to know more go to geocaching.com.

    Anthony Jannetty completed Larkin Bridle Path

    8 months ago

    Anthony Jannetty reviewed Orenaug Park Fire Tower

    8 months ago

    Very scenic, moderate trails that lead to a couple interesting destinations including a lookout tower built in the early 1900's and Chapel Rock, an area once used to gather for worship by local residents.
    There are two seperate trailheads to choose from, the one behind the senior center holds more parking. The other trailhead boasts two pillars made with stone from every state.
    Americare members came here recently to clear trails that have been long blocked by debris and overgrowth and blaze trails.
    There are also a couple geocaches located here.

    Anthony Jannetty reviewed White Memorial Boardwalk

    8 months ago

    This is an easy trail that leads to a boardwalk loop around the Bantam Little Pond.
    Depending on the time of year all types of flora and fauna can be seen..on a clear bright day while standing on the bridge that arches over the river I was able to view a 3.5 to 4' long Northern Pike swim past, amazing!
    The White Memorial members and volunteers do an outstanding job maintaining all the trails available in this conservation area.