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    Member Since February 2017

    Annie Tran

    Baltimore, Maryland 

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    Annie Tran reviewed Wolf Rock & Chimney Rock Trail

    1 day ago

    Solid moderate hike with a small rock scramble at Chimney Rock if you want a better look at the view. The trail is quite rocky, so I'm glad I wore my hiking boots with good ankle support! There are several steep segments that are challenging, but nothing overwhelming.

    Annie Tran reviewed Maryland Heights via Harper's Ferry

    7 days ago

    Fun hike with stunning views of Harper's Ferry below. A good portion is covered or partially covered, so the sun wasn't as much of an issue as anticipated. The trail gets quite rocky toward the end, but nothing too strenuous.

    Annie Tran reviewed Emerald Lake Trail

    14 days ago

    Stunning trail with views of Hallett Peak and Flattop Mountain framing the Emerald, Dream, and Nymph lakes. This hike is easy overall and moderate in some places with a steeper incline. However, in these steeper spots there are stairs, making the rocky terrain much easier to hike. Parking is a pain unless you get to the lot early in the morning. By 10:30am on a summer Friday, both the trailhead and park-and-ride lots were full, and folks were being turned around on Bear Lake Rd. We ended up returning at 3ish in the afternoon and were lucky enough to snag a spot in the main lot. Ultimately, this hike was worth every minute of circling!

    On a side note, beware of hyper-aggressive chipmunks if you pack a picnic!

    Annie Tran completed Emerald Lake Trail

    14 days ago

    Annie Tran followed Ryan Harvey

    2 months ago

    Annie Tran reviewed Rachel Carson Greenway Trail

    2 months ago

    Beautiful hike with several small stream crossings. This is definitely more of an easy versus moderate trail. Most of the trail is clearly blazed with white/light blue (it was difficult to tell which color it was at certain points). It was pretty straightforward except for the return trip. As others have mentioned, there is no indication to turn around. You simply have to recognize you're at the end of the trail and turn around. If you want to follow the loop that's shown in this app's map, then you will want to take the Fern Valley Trail on return. This trail will take you to the Hidden Pond Trail, which connects to the Fox Meadow Loop that leads to the parking lot. All in all, a fun hike with lots of nature.

    Annie Tran reviewed Soldiers Delight-Serpentine Trail

    over 1 year ago

    Easy, scenic hike with some rocky terrain where you need to watch your footing. Portions of the covered areas were quite muddy today due to the recent rain. I recommend going in the early part of the morning to avoid the heat, as much of the trail is unshaded.