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    Anna Bassett-Boynton reviewed Harderkulm Trail from Harderbahn Station

    14 days ago

    Great quick morning hike over Interlaken! If you are low on time this is a great option as you can walk to the trailhead and it doesn’t take so long. The trail head is right by the Harderbahn train ticket office and it is easy to follow the signs up. It is quite steep but there are rewarding views along the way and the top is stunning. It took me about 1 hr and 10 minutes to get to the top but I was pushing pretty hard. I got down again in an hour. You can buy one way train tickets as well if you want to skip one direction. I would definitely recommend getting a bit further out of the city if you can, but this is a great option for a short but challenging hike.

    Anna Bassett-Boynton reviewed Schynige Platte Panorama Trail

    14 days ago

    I was looking for a short morning hike due to bad weather predicted later in the day and I couldn’t have asked for better! This hike is absolutely stunning. In July it was covered in wildflowers, surrounded by absolutely gorgeous mountains, and views of the brilliant blue lake in Interlaken. It took us about two hours to complete, and was quite easy. If you go counterclockwise from the train station the ascent is quite gentle, though you will have a steep climb down. If you have more time I would definitely recommend a longer hike from Schynige Platte, but if you have low time or energy this is an amazing option.

    Getting there:
    There is a slow mountain train to Schynige Platte from Wilderswil station in Interlaken. It’s pretty expensive: CFH 40 or so though our hotel gave us a visitor card with a discount. You can also get connecting trains from either of the train stations in Interlaken. The train takes about an hour from Wilderswil but it is a beautiful ride.

    One word of caution: on this map the lookout point at Oberberghorn is marked as a loop. It is NOT. There is a well marked, safe and easy trail up to Oberberghorn, but it is out and back. We tried to go up what we thought was one side of the loop and it was an extremely dangerous unstable rock scramble which could have easily injured us or anyone hiking below with falling rocks. Don’t try to go up unless you see a trail and a sign! But then definitely do it is gorgeous.

    Anna Bassett-Boynton reviewed Tongue Mountain Range and Northwest Bay Trail

    29 days ago

    NOT a 12 mile hike!
    Be careful - the information here is highly inaccurate. I ended up tracking 16.5 miles on my GPS and this was consistent with the signs in the area. The ridge hike is about 10 miles and then you have a six mile hike back along the lake. Expecting 12 miles, we did not have time for a hike of this length and were stressed and exhausted by the end as we had to rush.

    Otherwise, this is a beautiful hike. The ridge features gorgeous views of the lake and islands below. The walk along the lake is tranquil, though very muddy when we did it. There is some scrambling on the ridge, especially between French Point and Fifth Peak mountains. There are lovely camping spots along the ridge and I think it would be a great, chill two day hike. It is doable as a single day but be ready for those extra four miles. We did it in about 8.5 hours and that felt like rushing a bit.

    Anna Bassett-Boynton reviewed OK Slip Falls Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Did this as my first trail run and it was lovely! The gentle elevation change was nice as I’m used to running on flat ground. The trail goes a little over three miles through a pretty forest and over several streams. The bugs were really bad - but it was good motivation to keep running! Definitely wear bug spray or a bug hat. The view of the waterfall is at the end. I rated 4 instead of 5 because while it’s pretty along the way there, there aren’t many views until the very end. I think if I’d been hiking it it would have been a bit boring. But good for an easy hike or a nice trail run!

    Anna Bassett-Boynton completed OK Slip Falls Trail

    about 1 month ago