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    Member Since August 2018

    Ann Connell Pro-red@3x

    Asheville, North Carolina 

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    Ann Connell reviewed Green River Narrows

    10 months ago

    TLDR: Do the trail! But wear shoes with good tread, and DON’T BRING OLDER DOGS!!

    Beautiful trail, I absolutely loved it BUT it is not as dog friendly as the moderate rating and other comments had me thinking it was. All 3 dogs were fine until that last bit with the long, steep rope-aided scramble down to the falls. My younger, 40lb dog with boundless energy did totally fine, however the tiny dog needed a lot of help, and the old 60lb dog called it quits 3/4 of the way down the scramble. She goes with me on all my hikes and does tend to slow down a bit towards the end, but she has never put the breaks on like that before. We were lucky enough to be the only people on the trail today so I set her up with a bowl of water and went the last bit with just the 40lb dog. Tiny dog and his mom waited for us towards the bottom of the scramble rather than her trying to navigate all the way down to the falls while carrying him (and in basic running shoes with no real traction). The falls are BEAUTIFUL and I tried to convince her otherwise but she’s not an avid hiker and that scramble section is REAL Y’ALL! And it’s longer than it seems in the pictures. There are maybe 4 or 5 ropes to help you on the way down, thank goodness, but there are spaces between them too, and some particularly steep drops.

    My old girl only made it back up with lots of me pushing her and lifting her over big roots. She collapsed and wouldn’t get back up at one point. If it weren’t for the deep section of stream right off the trail about a mile or so later (where she was able to lay submerged in cool flowing water for a full 10 minutes) then I truly don’t think she would have made it back to the car.

    Gorgeous views though! I plan on going back soon, without the dogs. I never did cross the final plank onto the big rock at the falls area, because I was worried younger dog would get swept away by the current if he jumped in the water.

    Ann Connell completed Green River Narrows

    10 months ago

    Ann Connell saved Hard Times Road Trail

    10 months ago

    Ann Connell saved Green River Narrows

    10 months ago