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    Anirudh Vyas reviewed Mission Peak Loop from Stanford Avenue Staging Area

    about 1 year ago

    This was my first trail or hike ever ... I must confess, very tough for a total beginner like me at the time, Although I haven't gone back to hike again, but I have become a regular hike/trail guy nearby (I live in san Ramon so plenty of options here). 3 miles of only uphill climb, and last mile has rocky terrain, you need water and some gel if this is your first time, but be very careful - for a total beginner, this can be daunting since carrying some weight and going uphill is challenging as hell. For me I had a friend help out share the load - how very kind of him; Views are good - but not superb, maybe because I am spoiled living near hilly terrain myself. One big downside for me (hence 4 stars) - heavy heavy traffic, especially on weekends. Parking is extremely tough to find and there isn't a moment of quiet that I could find on the way, however I haven't tried weekdays (I couldn't too far from my home) maybe its a little less crowded, 6 miles up and downhill gets to your nerves since you are always working, for a workout this is it I suppose for beginners. Worth a try definitely. If you live nearby, I wish I was that lucky (check prices of real estate nearby to know the sarcasm in my voice) go everyday ... you won't be disappointed!

    Anirudh Vyas reviewed Tassajara Ridge Trail Loop from Windemere

    about 1 year ago

    I use this trail everyday, typically I may start from windemere parkway or Tassajara Ridge staging area and complete till piccadilly park and then travel back home, this completes a nice loop, the trail has decent grades, is a bit technical atleast for me on some sections to run, there's plenty of cows grazing but they are harmless, be sure to slow down or halt for a few minutes if you want them to steer away if they are on your way, otherwise just walk around them, they normally protect their calves and are very peaceful; occasionally I have seen a coyote move around the area, many people have seen quite a few, it depends on the time of the day you go. If you like to trail blaze in summers, be careful, this one has no shade, I normally go on astronomical twilights in morning, I travel some distance on windemere parkway and then go to tassajara staging and then travel back down. Totally depends on where you are and what time you go - But this one has no shade. If you are a beginner and want to get into trail running, hiking, this is a great training trail for you. You will get everything here, mostly except for rocky terrain to climb.

    Anirudh Vyas added tassajara trail

    about 1 year ago