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    Member Since September 2018

    Angela Vogel

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

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    Angela Vogel reviewed McDade Trail

    about 1 month ago

    We hiked about half the trail. It's often very close to the road and one section of it, surprisingly, is a road. I was upset and embarrassed because there is no forewarning that there will suddenly be motorized vehicles on the trail. This trail would be much more suited to mountain biking than hiking.

    Angela Vogel completed McDade Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Angela Vogel reviewed Black Forest North Loop Trail

    9 months ago

    We did this trail counter-clockwise which I think makes it much more challenging given the heavy packs we had. We were running a little behind schedule and decided to follow a trail shown on the map running diagonally from the NW corner of the trail to the SW. There was a trailhead sign, but the trail completely disappeared and we had to bushwhack and travers a ridgeline which was pretty scary for my hiking partner who was very new to all this.

    It's a beautiful trail, but keep yours ears and eyes peeled for rattlesnakes especially on the rocky outcroppings!

    Angela Vogel reviewed Hawk Mountain Loop

    9 months ago

    It wasnt quite as challenging as I expected it to be, but we had a great time anyways.

    Angela Vogel completed Hawk Mountain Loop

    9 months ago

    Angela Vogel followed Meg Lemieur

    9 months ago

    Angela Vogel saved Hawk Mountain Loop

    9 months ago