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    Angela Thompson Pro-red@3x

    South Lake Tahoe, California 

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    Angela Thompson reviewed Eagle Lake Trail

    15 days ago

    I hiked this trail Sat afternoon, 7/13/19
    I parked at the TH parking lot around 2 pm, which is possible because sometimes morning hikers are coming down from their hikes and are leaving. Trail was still heavily traffic'd at this hour. Nice short jaunt to the Lake, to sit and watch the sun begin to set. Privacy is not an option at this Lake, (it can be loud with others talking, swimming, etc) that is a given. But if you want a short, safe, non-challenging afternoon hike with a gorgeous view, this is well worth it! Trail guides were present and engaging tourists with information re: questions about the area. Wonderfully pleasant way to end your day!

    Angela Thompson reviewed Wrights Lake Campground to Lower Twin Lake

    15 days ago

    I hiked this trail on Sunday, 8/11/2019
    I parked at the Wright's Lake Campground, and started at the Twin Lakes TH around 10 am. Gorgeous day! Lots of water flowing down from lower Twin Lakes, all along your hike up to the Lake. Wonderful opportunity to cut over to the left of the TH and watch the streams rush over granite slabs, due to our wonderful snowfall last winter. As you head beyond these streams, you plateau into an area with a pond and stone hopping, beautifully nestled among lightly snow capped peaks. Just a bit beyond this area, you come upon Lower Twin Lakes. You have the option of stopping your hike here, lakeside, or you can cross over Twin Lakes Creek (balancing over fallen logs) to the left, and continue up some granite slabs to Upper Twin Lakes. Here, you can sit lakeside, enjoying a waterfall that stems from a Lake nestled above and beyond Upper Twin Lakes, named by others-Shangri-la. Beautiful hike, serene, not overly traveled. Perfect day hike, expect the full 9 miles for both Lakes, or more if you do some extra boulder scrambling for photo ops.
    Suncreen and bugspray, and of course water, with many opportunities to filter if you want to! Finished day hike around 5:30 pm.

    Angela Thompson reviewed Vernal and Nevada Falls via the Mist Trail

    16 days ago

    I hiked this trail 9/1/19-Labor Day weekend.
    I started the trail from the Curry Village parking lot at
    11 am and walked along the bike path to the TH. The trail to the Footbridge is paved, and was pretty crowded, with most people having to stop and rest several times because of steep elevation. Encountered a traffic jam at top of Vernal Fall, turned around and headed back down the Mist Trail,cutting into the John Muir Trail on the left and heading up to Nevada Fall. Must prettier hike, less trafficked. Steep, unrelenting elevation. Lots of switchbacks, sandy covered rocks, (saw some people skid), stair stepping... a difficult hike at high noon! (my suggestion: start earlier)
    Hike up was relentless elevation, (literally!). I went through my entire 2L of water, filtered some additional water from Nevada Fall at the top, cooled off my feet in the Fall pools, relaxed, ate some lunch, then headed back down the John Muir Trail. (you can get more water at the Footbridge at the base of Vernal, but your hike is nearly over at that point) I suggest bringing a filter straw.
    I felt amazing when I finished, grabbed a cheeseburger in Curry Village, and watched the sun set on Half Dome! Couldn't have been a more perfect day!
    Fantastic hike!

    Angela Thompson reviewed Wrights Lake to Enchanted Pools

    20 days ago

    I hiked this trail today, 8/29/19. I started the trail, parking at the Wright’s Lake Campground, Twin Lakes TH in search of Enchanted Pools.
    After hiking past the bridge near the parking lot and reaching the TH crossroads, marked : left to Beauty Lake, or right towards Island Lake, Grouse Lake, and Hemlock Lake, veer to the right. A few yards up, on the left, Cairns are sometimes left, marking the jaunt off of the main Trail and up and over some boulders to Enchanted Pools. I would suggest using a GPS device at this point.
    The Pools are beautiful, the waterfalls, the perfectly chilled snow melt on a sunny afternoon...wonderful place for a swim!
    From this spot, I decided to hike to Twin Lakes, and headed across the creek near the Pools and through some serious bouldering. I would not suggest this route. This is off trail, and requires trying to climb over 7,500’ to catch the Twin Lakes TH. Once I accomplished that, I found the TH and made it to Lower Twin Lakes. After a rest, I headed back to Wright’s Lake via the TH. This was an approx 10 mile loop hike, taking about 7 hrs. Beautiful day! Enjoy!

    Angela Thompson reviewed Lake Margaret Trail

    23 days ago

    I hiked this trail Sunday, 8/24/19.
    I started at the Lake Margaret TH around 10 am. Beautiful day, the meadows are still green, lovely maintained trail. Lots of water flowing. Trail is scenic and engaging. You hike through meadow, over fallen trees to cross over streams (decent balance required; worst case scenario, you fall and get wet, like one hiker did!) Wildflowers still in bloom, bees are pollinating, butterflies fluttering along your path, shady wooded pathways, a tight trail through natures secret garden! Some bouldering is required, especially near the Lake. A final steep scramble over granite may seem intimating to get to the Lake, but not to worry! After a lazy rest lakeside, nothing seems impossible! Lake Margaret is family friendly. I saw a couple floating on inflatable donuts in the middle of the Lake. There is enough space for everyone to enjoy. Friendly hikers. Beautiful terrain. Lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

    Angela Thompson completed Lake Margaret Trail

    25 days ago

    Angela Thompson added Island and Twin Lakes

    about 1 month ago

    Angela Thompson reviewed Caples Lake to Emigrant Lake Trail

    about 1 month ago

    I began my hike at the Mokelumne Wilderness Trail head around 10:30 am. The trail is well maintained, with gorgeous views of Caples Lake. Great spots to take photos! Once you hike beyond the lake on your left, you begin your ascent towards Emigrant Lake. Nature is in full bloom! Butterflies and birds are everywhere ! Every 1/2 mile or so, you hear the sounds of rushing waterfalls, where you would least expect! What a wonderful time to enjoy the lush forest! As you come within 1/2 mile of Emigrant Lake, the snow melt has made the trail muddy and slushy in some parts, but that is to be expected. There is still plenty of snow on the Peaks which surround Emigrant Lake; Melissa Coray Peak, 9,763' & Peak, 9,795'. A small trail branches off to the right which takes you slightly around the lake, to find you own perfect spot to relax and enjoy the solitude. Leaving the lake at 3 pm, I returned to my car in the parking lot around 6 pm. All in all, I recorded 10 miles, over 25,000 steps taken. I had plenty of time to enjoy the entire hike from start to finish! Bug Spray! A must! Waterproof hiking boots will get you over the creeks with dry feet! Enjoy!

    Angela Thompson reviewed Horsetail Falls Trail

    about 1 month ago

    I hiked this trail on Sunday, 7/21/19. I started my hike at the Pyramid Creek Trailhead. I arrived at 10:30am, the parking lot was full, no worries, I just parked my car across the Hwy! The trail is well maintained and within minutes, you are next to rushing water. I decided to take the Pyramid Creek Loop (veering to the right toward the rushing water) for the views, which were stunning! Powerful rushing snow melt! Beautiful! I stopped along Lower Horsetail Falls and had a quick bite to eat before heading to the Desolation Wilderness Permit Sign. There were no available permits to fill out and put in the box. Don't really know why, but I had a spare one in my backpack, so i filled that out, deposited it and continued on. At this junction, the terrain and trail change. Some boulder scrambling, some little muddy/logs, wet creek to balance and cross over, but easy to do. At approx 6,800' the trail comes to an end. The choices are: to rock scramble to the right, nearest the Falls and relax and enjoy the view, or attempt to reach the top of the Falls. You can do this one of 2 ways:
    1. Precarious rock climbing straight up, or
    2. Hiking over to the west away from the Falls and head up.
    Either option is precarious and I wouldn't recommend doing so unless you are an experienced hiker or with someone who knows how to safely navigate off trail to the top. I was perfectly content with where I chose to stop, and take photos. On my descent, just past the Desolation Wilderness Permit sign, I encountered a very long (4 ft) snake. Definitely not a rattler, a little close for my comfort-it slithered from the hot rock slabs into the short bush, which line the trail everywhere. I know I'm in nature, so I must expect such encounters. I'm just not so fond of snakes. That didn't deter me from one last stop near a double waterfall, with cooling mist rushing over granite slabs. Total hike, with relaxing stops for lunch and photos, 3 hrs. I highly recommend this hike! It is one of Tahoe's most amazing waterfalls!

    Angela Thompson reviewed Granite Lake & Maggie's Peaks

    2 months ago

    I hiked to Maggie’s Peak South Summit -8,699ft 7/9/19. I started the trail at the Bayview Trailhead at 10:30 am. After filling out my day permit for Desolation Wilderness I headed up to the right on the trail towards Granite Lake. A bit beyond the official Desolation Wilderness sign is a wonderful opportunity to look down upon Emerald Bay! Continuing on to Granite Lake, the climb is steep, with well groomed switchbacks. I stopped at Granite Lake for lunch, then headed up to the summit. Before reaching the Maggie’s Peak Summit spur I encountered 4 very large snow banks that had to be crossed. Slushy and slippery-take caution (trekking poles helped)! At the base of the peak, open forest and boulders covered with more snow, with no distinguishing trail, must be navigated around to Summit. Once you do, the 360* view is ... amazing! Big beautiful butterflies! Everywhere ! Up on the Summit!
    6.5 miles, 3:45 hrs. Enjoy!