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    Angela Seldomridge reviewed Widlands Trail to Stocksdale Trail

    3 months ago

    Very nice hike. If you go to the right and follow the Widland sign you have a couple steep hills right off the back but then the rest of the trail is pretty light. A couple of little streams to go over via rocks. Def need a backpack carrier for any little ones.

    Angela Seldomridge reviewed Lost Pond Trail

    7 months ago

    Nice hike with beautiful leaves changing colors. Definitely recommend a backpack carrier for any little ones because some of the paths get pretty narrow and there are multiple streams to cross on rocks.

    Angela Seldomridge completed Lost Pond Trail

    8 months ago

    Angela Seldomridge reviewed Old Quarry and Little Gunpowder Loop

    9 months ago

    Very nice hike! Not jogging stroller compatible, recommend a backpack carrier there are a lot of rocks and roots.

    Angela Seldomridge reviewed Jerusalem Mills and Little Gunpowder Short Loop Trail

    9 months ago

    This was a really nice walk but when we went it was very muddy resulting in a couple of falls. The reason why this is a four and not a five is because the trail had a lot of horse crap on it. So while avoiding mud we also had to avoid horse crap and hope we didn't fall into it. Lots of little trails heading down towards the stream. Definitely not a jogging stroller trail and I'd recommended a backpack style carrier for babies and small kids. There are a lot of roots and two small streams with rocks you have to cross so you really need to be able to see your feet.

    Angela Seldomridge reviewed Hidden Valley

    9 months ago

    Quick and easy walk ending in a cool stream area great for kids and dogs to play. Not hard to follow the path. Not jogging stroller compatible, there are some pretty narrow areas.

    Angela Seldomridge completed Hidden Valley

    9 months ago

    Angela Seldomridge reviewed Dundee Creek Marina White Trail

    9 months ago

    Nice walk with views of the water if you branch off a bit. For the most part jogging stroller compatible there are some areas that narrow but you should be able to make it through.

    Angela Seldomridge reviewed Forest Hill Trail

    9 months ago

    A little more industrial than I like. About half the trail you are walking near building or in people's backyards. At one point you are walking on a side walk near the road. That being said it is a nice taken care of trail and is a nice walk. Jogging stroller compatible.

    Angela Seldomridge completed Forest Hill Trail

    9 months ago

    Angela Seldomridge reviewed Bel Air Trail

    9 months ago

    Easy walk! If you start at the Main Street entrance you can walk all the way to dog park and let your dogs run around for a bit before walking back. It wears them out and they sleep/lounge around the rest of the day! Jogging stroller compatible.