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    Angela Machacek saved Rendezvous Peak Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Angela Machacek reviewed April Bowl Trail

    3 months ago

    Awesome hike with amazing views. Very busy trail on the first part to the lakes and snow, but once you start up the steeper/rocky part you get much more solitude. Took the trek down the opposite side which cut the time/distance at least in half! Don't think you could pick your way "up" this way though, it's all rocky/boulders, but it's definitely an alternate way back down rather than going back down the same way you went up.

    Angela Machacek completed April Bowl Trail

    3 months ago

    Angela Machacek saved Gull Rock

    3 months ago

    Angela Machacek saved Hope Point

    3 months ago

    Angela Machacek saved Mill Loop Trail

    4 months ago

    Angela Machacek reviewed Matanuska Experiment Farm Loop

    4 months ago

    Nice trail, very level. Really nice that there are checkpoints with maps and directional arrows etc but was still easy to get turned around because not all side trails are on the maps. Still a really nice walk that was quiet.

    Angela Machacek reviewed Thunderbird Falls Trail

    5 months ago

    Easy trail, could be considered more of a walk than a hike. Saw many strollers so you can tell that it's more of a walk. Nice wide trail, maintained well

    Need to pay park fee of $5 but it's definitely worth it to maintain the quality of trail.