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    Angela Kristoff completed Waterton Canyon Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Angela Kristoff saved Rollins Pass

    5 months ago

    Angela Kristoff saved Elk Meadow

    5 months ago

    Angela Kristoff reviewed Hanging Lake Trail

    5 months ago

    Hiked 6/9/18, arrived at the lot at 6:20 am to find the lot about 1/4 of the way full, by 9:00, the parks department was controlling the entrance and letting (1) car in every time (1) car left.

    Beautiful hike, lots of natural rock "steps". It took me less than an hour to get to the top, my heart was pumping in some spots, but I kept on going! The trail does get "tight" in some areas, but for the most part there's enough room where you don't have to stop and wait for people to pass. Towards the top there is a (slightly sketchy) handrail and some bigger steps. I didn't use my trekking poles on the way up, but I did use them on the way down once I made it back to the regular trail.

    There are (3) port a potties at the parking lot. To get to the trail head, head up the sidewalk a ways - it follows the river. There will be a sign at the beginning of the trail on the left hand side.

    I did see a sign that mentioned something about land service is going to be controlling the number of people allowed to hike this per day, I think it was 615 people a day year round and needing a permit. The sign didn't state when this would happen.

    I think it's also important to mention that the exit # for the trail head depends on the direction you are coming from. If you are coming from Glenwood Springs, take exit 125, if you come from the other way I believe you take exit 121 and then, I think, get back on I-70 and head to exit 125. It's confusing because exit 125 only allows for Westbound re-entry to I-70.

    Angela Kristoff completed Hanging Lake Trail

    5 months ago

    Angela Kristoff reviewed Lookout Mountain Trail

    5 months ago

    This trail is separate from "lookout mountain" to get to actual lookout mountain you're looking at a 4+ mile hike 1 way. We did this trail on 6/9/18 and were pretty disappointed to find that it was not taking us to lookout mountain, the trail "end" on all trails literally was just a spot along the trail. We kept going, but were unsure of how far the actual summit was from where we were. If you want to get to the summit of lookout mountain, I would seriously recommend doing some research before heading out. We found this trail on all trails and headed out, wish I would have known more before hiking.

    As far as this trail that is on all trails goes, it does offer some great views of Glenwood Springs, and the nearby mountains. We didn't see any wildlife, and nothing else notable or spectacular about this hike. The trail is mainly a single track dirt/crushed rock path. There are some wider areas.

    The trail itself is primarily used for mountain biking, and quite honestly, for hiking it's a pain to get to from Glenwood Springs, and there is NO parking at the trail head, so you must find a spot on a nearby street and walk up to the trail head. If you're looking for some seclusion though, this is the hike for you! The trial is almost 100% sun exposed, so take plenty of water. We took 164 oz of water for 2 people, and almost drank all of it by the time we were done, I'm sure if we would have stopped where the all trails map ends, we would have been fine.

    Angela Kristoff reviewed Mount Margaret Trail

    6 months ago

    Great, easy backpacking trip! This trail offers so much variety for hiking, we were able to set up camp, and then hike 5 miles on different trails. Trail is sandy or dirt with rocks. Sometimes is wide, other times it's single track. I work trail runners for backpacking and sandals for hiking.

    There is a river that runs near loop B, which isn't too far from campsites 3 or 4. Campsites 3 & 4 are the first (2) campsites shown on the trail head map - I wasn't able to find any other marked campsites during my hikes. Both 3 & 4 are located before the 2.5 mile mark on the right hand side of the trail. I wouldn't drink out of the pond located along the way to the top, as it's pretty stagnant.

    As far as the summit goes, we didn't get to scramble up the rocks as there were other people hanging out up there, so I don't know what the top looks like, but when you reach the rocks, it's pretty underwhelming.

    During our trip we saw 1 moose, and 2 deer. We heard coyotes at night along with owls and what we can only guess was a turkey vulture.

    I would definitely come back here when I'm looking to "get away from it all", we saw maybe 25 people total.

    Angela Kristoff completed Mount Margaret Trail

    6 months ago