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    Andrew Tucker reviewed Reykjadalur, Grænidalur Loop

    16 days ago

    Starts on the obvious trail to the Reykjadalur hot spring river. Lots of people on the trail and also bathing in the river stream at the main spot. After you leave this area, the fun really starts! You proceed due east high up over the ridge line. You will see yellow and blue trail posts marking the way, follow them.

    As you come over the ridge, you will descend into a broad valley, absolutely devoid of human presence. As you progress, the trail markers disappear, and then it’s game on. You’re basically charting a cross country, bushwhacking route where the trail disappears and reappears frequently.

    You will encounter lots of sheep, fortunately none seemed aggressive. Be prepared for multiple stream crossings and be very careful about hidden gullies of mud that are knee to WAIST deep concealed under the tall grass. We stepped in a few and got quite muddy. Tread very carefully and watch your step. It goes without mention there is lots of beautiful geothermal activity, but some of the pools exceed 212° F and will probably deliver 3rd degree burns if you accidentally step or fall into one.

    Trail eventually winds it’s way south through the valley and then southwest to the parking area and trailhead. If you attempt this loop, start early and don’t get lost out there after dark. This is a challenging backcountry hike that requires preparation, navigation, and intelligence. We referenced to the recorded track on this app during the trek, and found it to be pretty accurate and reliable. Don’t attempt this loop without the aid of GPS. Happy hiking!

    Andrew Tucker reviewed Mount Esja (Esjan)

    17 days ago

    Very steep, you gain about 1,200 feet of elevation per mile. It’s actually about 5.25 miles in total. Worth the effort though! Incredible views at the top on a clear day, I’d love to come back and watch the sunset up there. You can also venture much further past the summit along the top of the mesa if you feel like it. It’s like walking on another planet up there, very austere terrain. We saw people who were miles away up and over the ridge. This hike is great and it’s not to be missed while in Iceland.

    Andrew Tucker completed Mount Esja (Esjan)

    17 days ago

    Andrew Tucker reviewed Glymur Falls Loop Trail

    17 days ago

    Absolutely epic. Loved every inch of this trail. If you plan on completing the loop though, be prepared for the river crossing up on top... it’s at least ankle deep in spots, waterproof boots won’t help you. We opted to just trudge through it with our boots on, instead of going barefoot. Bring a sturdy pair of flip flops, or maybe a pair of old sneakers and extra socks in your backpack if you plan to do this part. Enjoy the scenery, this one is not to be missed while in Iceland.

    Andrew Tucker reviewed Monument Peak via PCT

    2 months ago

    Did this from the Penny Pines trailhead. About 8 miles in total, 4 hours. It was about 89° out, definitely hotter than expected, especially at an altitude where snow falls in the winter. Went through 2L of water easily, should’ve brought 3. Definitely one of the most scenic routes in all of Mount Laguna. I like Garnet Peak a little more because there’s no antennas or buildings, but Monument Peak is definitely a more epic vantage point as it’s a bit higher and more prominent. The sweeping views of the Anza Borrego desert down below are amazing. I look forward to doing this one again in the winter, when the sky is clearer and there’s snow on the ground.

    Andrew Tucker completed Monument Peak via PCT

    2 months ago

    Andrew Tucker reviewed San Jacinto Peak from The Tramway

    3 months ago

    This was my first trek above 8,000 feet, so the altitude’s physiological effects were a concern. We were fine though. Just stay hydrated and take your time. The air was extremely dry which adds to the difficulty, but overall I’d rate this trail as moderate. 5.5 hours out and back.

    Temps today: 105° in Palm Springs, 70° at the trailhead, 60° at the summit. It can get quite cold up there though, layer accordingly.

    Trail very easy to navigate, well marked, not too many surprises here. Steep in a few spots, but nothing too savage.

    Killer, outstanding views from about mile 3 onwards. Worth the effort 100%, you wont be disappointed. There’s a treatable water source about midway, but not to be relied on in the summer months. Pack 3 liters and you’ll be solid.

    This is an outstanding training hike to prepare for the SoCal 6 Pack. Go get em’!

    Andrew Tucker reviewed Kwaay Paay Peak Trail

    3 months ago

    Well, not much to say. If you’ve already done 4 of the 5 peaks of Mission Trails, might as well walk up there and scratch it off the list. It’s delightfully steep in spots. Unremarkable summit, not much to write home about. If you’re looking for a real challenge though, try the bouldering/scrambling route from the top of the Climber’s Loop up to Kwayy Paay Peak. Great training for some of those cross country summit hikes out in the desert. Just be super careful if you go up that way!

    Andrew Tucker completed Kwaay Paay Peak Trail

    3 months ago

    Andrew Tucker reviewed Maidenhair Falls via Hellhole Canyon Trail

    4 months ago

    Nice variation in terrain from start to finish. Gradual uphill incline that gets progressively more interesting as you get closer and closer to the falls. Definitely easy to moderate in cool to warm conditions. It was 79° and breezy on the day we did it. I could see this being a difficult trek on a 100+° day, pack your water and dress accordingly. Some good traction boots and a sense of navigation helps on this one, as you negotiate your way through the various palm groves. Trailhead is easily accessed, no dirt or gravel roads to deal with. Highly recommend if you’re in the area and looking for something scenic, lengthy, not super difficult, and memorable.

    Andrew Tucker reviewed Morena Butte Trail and Pacific Crest Trail Loop

    5 months ago

    Attempted the loop clockwise, starting down the PCT and then up to the summit. Lots of cairns to help navigate, mostly definitive trail up to the top. Totally epic summit, like walking across a massive rock floor. We trekked north and tried to join the trail that goes down the north side of the mountain down to the lake, but got super lost in a very brushy area. We bushwhacked around and referenced the GPS, but just couldn’t manage to piece it together. We ended up backpedaling and went back to the trailhead the same way we came up. I plan to go back and try to do the loop counterclockwise from the lake road. Highly recommend this hike, very long and grueling journey, but the peak is worth it.

    Andrew Tucker completed Garnet Peak via PCT

    5 months ago

    Andrew Tucker reviewed Sand Trap Canyon & Mottram Falls

    5 months ago

    Did this one as a loop. Hiked the Ho Chi Minh trail from the gliderport down to the beach, walked north on the beach to this trail, down the narrow canyon to Mottram Falls, and then back up to the gliderport via a steep climbing trail that passes directly above the waterfall. Very cool & rugged sandstone canyons, caves, lagoons, and waterfalls. Precarious in many spots, watch your footing. Highly recommend!

    Andrew Tucker reviewed Lawson Peak Trail

    6 months ago

    Been wanting to do this one for awhile now, finally got to it! Reviews below are very accurate: the washed out dirt road is a monotonous pain in the ass, albeit a good workout, all the way to the base of the summit. It does indeed get fun, scenic, and challenging as you make your way from the road junction up to the summit. The boulder climbs are rad, the summit is really cool and rewarding. The climb up to/down from the cave that leads to the summit is super sketchy. It actually kind of scared the shit out of me! Definitely be skilled in climbing and go with a friend. A slip and tumble in that particular spot could be catastrophic. I think there's an alternate route to the summit, I'll definitely be looking for it next time. Definitely still go do this hike though, it's a must.