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    Member Since May 2019

    Andy Matts Pro-red@3x

    San Bernardino, California 

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    Andy Matts reviewed Vista del Sol Park Loop

    3 days ago

    Pretty awesome views here and interesting place. Beach access 0.4 miles off the trail, an easy addition if you follow our recording. There’s a bunch more stairs down to the beach earlier on the path if you prefer. Have to cross metro tracks at the crossing to get to the beach. Can see the spot from the trail. 20 minutes from here we stumbled upon the nicest beach I have seen in my 35 years in California: Victoria Beach:The Pirate Tower of Laguna.

    Andy Matts reviewed Oak Glen Preserve Trails

    10 days ago

    Pretty nice place. My favorite part was the wildflowers. Many different kinds and they are everywhere right now. Mountain lion was spotted yesterday 6-7-19. Many people on the trail though.
    Pretty good amount of shade too. I guess the waterfall is only about 1 foot tall if that was it.

    Andy Matts reviewed Razor Ridge Trail and Canyon Road Loop

    15 days ago

    Pretty nice hike. The descent was easier than I thought it would be, steady not very steep descent. Very easy climb also. The signs say closed until aug. 2 but there was nothing dangerous we could see and a lot of groups going through. Nice level wide fire road all the way through except the last 100 feet or so.

    Andy Matts followed mark keidel

    16 days ago

    Andy Matts reviewed Beaumont Ridge Trail Loop

    16 days ago

    Loved this trail. Someone told me none of the trails are actually closed even tho the signs say until aug. 2. Saw 10 different groups going through also. Was no construction but did see a parked machine. But honestly turning around at the closure signs would be more scenic but a little more strenuous. Just a couple decent length somewhat steep hills. Other than that this hike was super easy. The easiest moderate trail I’ve done. Nice wide fireroads pretty level and even a little soft due to the thin layer of powder silt. I don’t know where the broken bridge is but it’s not on the main trail laid out here.

    Andy Matts completed Beaumont Ridge Trail Loop

    16 days ago

    Andy Matts reviewed Lake Gregory Trail

    17 days ago

    Andy Matts completed Lake Gregory Trail

    17 days ago

    Andy Matts added Lake Gregory Trail

    17 days ago

    Andy Matts saved Lake Gregory Trail

    18 days ago

    Andy Matts saved Hawarden Hills

    19 days ago