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    Member Since September 2019

    Andrew Y

    Bothell, Washington 

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    Andrew Y reviewed Talapus and Olallie Lakes via Olallie Lake Trail

    18 days ago

    The road leading to the trailhead is filled with potholes and rocks. I’d be cautious when driving up and consider skipping this trail unless you have an appropriate car.

    Due to the recent rains, the trail is rather muddy. But it’s completely manageable with proper hiking shoes.

    The forest views along the way are beautiful but the payoff at both lakes is where it’s at. You’ll see some snow even though it’s only September!

    Andrew Y saved Mount Si Trail

    21 days ago

    Andrew Y reviewed Twin Falls Trail

    24 days ago

    Though the parking lot is rather small, people end up parking their cars along the residential street that leads to the lot. So don’t worry about find parking even if you arrive late on a sunny Saturday.

    There’s a bit of overgrowth early in the trail by the creek. But it’s otherwise a very well maintained trail.

    Don’t overshoot the Upper Falls like I did, unless you intend to hike further out. Once you cross the bridge and make your way up to the view of the Upper Falls, you’ll know it’s time to turn back around.

    Andrew Y completed Twin Falls Trail

    24 days ago

    Andrew Y saved Wallace Falls Trail

    28 days ago

    Andrew Y saved Lodge Lake Trail

    28 days ago

    Andrew Y saved Snow Lake Trail

    28 days ago

    Andrew Y saved Twin Falls Trail

    28 days ago