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    Andrew Skarvinko reviewed Cleetwood Cove Trail

    3 months ago

    Lots of switches on a wide, well-maintained path. This place becomes pretty popular on the hotter days, but the parking area is sizable.

    Lounge on the rocks, freeze yourself in the water.

    Andrew Skarvinko completed Cleetwood Cove Trail

    3 months ago

    Andrew Skarvinko reviewed Garfield Peak Trail

    3 months ago

    Very enjoyable hike! The parking lot is relatively small, some street parking nearby.

    The trail curves towards the back of the mountain surrounded by large pines and firs. The elevation is slow and steady, trail is very well maintained.

    The view away from the lake is just as impressive as the lake itself - old growth forests as far as the eye can see!

    Andrew Skarvinko completed Garfield Peak Trail

    3 months ago

    Andrew Skarvinko reviewed Manuel Peak Trail

    3 months ago


    Foolishly I left a little too late and the sun was beating on me. For most of the trail, it was in direct sunlight with a few clusters of trees desperately needed for shade.

    There were one or two places where the trail completely gave out, need to manage a balance beam step or two during this.

    Also there was one section early on that had a fork, maybe 10-15 minutes in. I went right since that was the direction with a steeper incline.

    Top 3/4 near the summit is overgrown, lots of pokes and scratches.

    Andrew Skarvinko completed Manuel Peak Trail

    3 months ago

    Andrew Skarvinko reviewed Cascade Falls

    5 months ago

    Great views at TH. Arrive early, lot gets full.

    Andrew Skarvinko completed Cascade Falls

    5 months ago

    Andrew Skarvinko reviewed Alpine Pond Trail

    5 months ago

    It’s easier to park on the northern side. Pleasant walk on the higher route, leads to the ridge overlook. Pond was a little scummy so not the best.

    Andrew Skarvinko completed Alpine Pond Trail

    5 months ago

    Andrew Skarvinko reviewed Ryan Mountain Trail

    8 months ago

    The of the best in the park! The trail is incline and steps, watch out for rattlers in the narrow parts (saw one crossing near dusk). The isn’t much shade on the way up, the summit is spread out over a wide area. The views are almost 360, loved that.

    Andrew Skarvinko completed Ryan Mountain Trail

    8 months ago

    Andrew Skarvinko reviewed Lost Horse Mine Loop Trail

    8 months ago

    Loving his trail? A great lookout from the mine and further on at about the halfway point. Some challenges with the elevation to keep it interesting, slow and steady the way up. Nice, flat finish - would do again.

    Andrew Skarvinko reviewed Split Rock Loop Trail

    8 months ago

    Enjoyed the elevation changes, dramatic rock formations with interesting spaces between, and variations in the trail’s composition (loose rock, sand, hard rock, etc.)

    Andrew Skarvinko reviewed Arch Rock Nature Trail

    8 months ago

    Great rock formations, lots of lookouts, and some different path compositions through the trail.

    Andrew Skarvinko reviewed Cholla Cactus Garden Nature Trail

    8 months ago

    Pleasant walk around the cacti, very short. It’s far from the Joshua Tree entrance on the west; if you’re entering from Cottonwood, it’s on the way and much closer.

    Andrew Skarvinko reviewed South Kaibab to Phantom Ranch to Bright Angel Trail

    10 months ago

    Legendary trail! Would absolutely recommend doing this during the off-season and with an early start. Notes below...

    - Parked at Bright Angel Lodge, nice bathrooms around and plenty of water. Arriving early will also help with parking since there isn’t a lot at the lodge itself.
    - Took hiker’s express bus at 8, hours differ throughout the season.
    - South Kaibab was continuous downhill and many switchbacks until the river. Had to stop myself from taking so many pictures!
    - Not a lot of mules this time of year, but still enough where I needed to watch my step.
    - Nice picnic lunch at almost the halfway point by the river and at Bright Angel camp. Indian Garden was after that, good spot for a breather.
    - In the shadow of the canyon, it was too cold for short sleeves, in the sun was no problem for shorts and a T.
    - Trail was well maintained throughout!

    Andrew Skarvinko reviewed Mineral Creek Trail

    10 months ago

    Overall, great hike! Very high walls of the canyon, lots of different formations and coloring. Notes below:

    - Took the Mineral Creek Road past Alma, several miles to follow after that I’m packed gravel and dirt. Easy to get through, just an FYI, but may be an issue during a rainy period.

    - Small trailhead, no water or trail info unfortunately.

    - You will cross water MANY times! Do yourself a favor and get water early to get it over with, in my opinion. Be careful on the rocks, many are slick or on uneven foundations. Lots of fun jumping from bank to bank at parts.

    - Mile makers were tricky to determine. I saw one piece of rebar conspicuously hammered into the earth followed by two pieces and three pieces later. That may have been a marking system, wasn’t tracking my distance.

    - Terrain includes loose rock, sandy shores, earthy grasslands, small boulder scrambles, and much more. I’d say this is on the more challenging side of moderate.

    Even with this minor observations, still an excellent trail.

    Andrew Skarvinko completed Mineral Creek Trail

    10 months ago

    Andrew Skarvinko reviewed Sulphur Springs Trail

    10 months ago

    Beautiful views of the water.

    Andrew Skarvinko completed Sulphur Springs Trail

    10 months ago

    Andrew Skarvinko reviewed Paris Mountain State Park Big Loop Trail

    11 months ago

    Very nice! The area around the lake was very pleasant. $5/person, many parking areas, well-marked trails.

    Andrew Skarvinko reviewed Flanners Beach and Croatan National Forest Loop

    11 months ago

    I chose this route as an alternative to one of the Pirhana trails since it is on the military base (**warning - unless you have a valid military ID, you can’t get anywhere near the trails on the base’s land; this isn’t clear in the listing).
    Though the trail is nice and pleasant, a few drawbacks...
    - Finding the trail and navigating the crossroads can be challenging, there are some faded printouts stapled to the tree.
    - Because its right next to an airbase, there were frequent jets passing by. Although it wasn’t terrible, it did break up the silence.
    - I’m not sure when the last rain was, however there were a few sections of the trail that were completely flooded.