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    Member Since June 2016

    Andrew Fregeau Pro-red@3x

    Los Angeles, California 

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    Andrew Fregeau reviewed Backbone Trail and River Canyon Loop

    7 days ago

    I enjoyed this trail. I would definitely recommend going clockwise - starting out with the more aggressive and steeper part up, then finishing out with the backbone trail on the way back down.

    Andrew Fregeau reviewed Skyline Trail: Cactus to Clouds

    8 months ago

    Amazing hike. We got a late start and camped halfway up the mountain in some random spot. Went to the top on day 2 and took the tram down. This hike is an aggressive workout, especially if you're carrying gear. No water on trail in February. Not for the faint of heart. I would recommend.

    Andrew Fregeau reviewed Momyer to San Gorgonio

    8 months ago

    One of my favorite So-Cal hikes. I extended the trip into a 3-day. Camped at Saxton on day 1, summited around noon on day 2 and then continued east around the backside of the mountain down to Dry Lake, then back up to Dollar Lake Camp for night 2, exited back down Momyer day 3. I went in the middle of the week at the end of September and only saw a few people the whole 3 days. Very remote and secluded feeling, especially the backside of the mountain. You will need a Wilderness Permit for this one. Plenty of places to find water along the trail. Highly recommend.

    Andrew Fregeau completed Momyer to San Gorgonio

    8 months ago

    Andrew Fregeau reviewed Angeles Crest Loop

    8 months ago

    Excellent hike. Completed this loop counterclockwise starting with South Fork Trail. Camped up near the ridge just below Mount Hawkins. Aside from a couple small trickles, Little Jimmy Spring about 0.5 mile east of the campground is the best place to get water. The views from the ridge along the PCT section are amazing. Would definitely recommend.

    Andrew Fregeau completed Angeles Crest Loop

    8 months ago

    Andrew Fregeau reviewed Los Liones Canyon and East Topanga Fire Road

    8 months ago

    Decent hike. If you’re going to do the loop I would recommend going clockwise, starting with Rabbit Hole (the West portion of the loop), as it is steep and better suited for ascending rather than descending. Keep in mind about 70% of this trail (including out-and-back) is fire road, mostly open and exposed to the sun. So if you’re looking for a more traditional trail-like setting this may not be the one. Good that it’s close to town though. Great workout, and nice views too.

    Andrew Fregeau saved Upper Bear Creek

    9 months ago