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    Member Since December 2015

    Amy Lee

    Littleton, Colorado 

    Colorado native - find me on sticks, on trail, or on a slackline!!

    Favorite Activities

    campinghikingscenic drivingskiing

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    Amy Lee completed Upper Piney River Falls Trail

    11 months ago

    Amy Lee reviewed Upper Piney River Falls Trail

    11 months ago

    Probably one of the prettiest excursions I've had all summer! Drive up the dirt road (a little over 10mi) was a bit more time consuming than I anticipated, but absolutely stunning and very well maintained. (I recommend taking a car with AWD/4WD and some clearance, as there were still quite a few potholes.)
    The hike was quite mellow; I lost trail ~2.3 miles in and ended up hiking quite steeply up above treeline; though I didn't see the falls, the meadow I ended up in was gorgeous, with plenty of wildflowers in full bloom!
    The trail itself was very well maintained, though there were quite a few social trails - be sure to practice good LNT ethics and travel only on established trails!!! Wildflowers, butterflies and other critters were abundant, and the mountains looming in the distance as I hiked in from the trailhead were unbelievable.
    I completed 6+ miles in my Chacos and didn't have an issue (other than some muddy feet), but well-soled shoes are a must!

    Amy Lee reviewed Rainbow Lake Trail

    about 1 year ago

    Really beautiful, well-maintained trail! Quite close to town, though I couldn't hear the roads or even noise from the surrounding neighborhoods. Quick & easy; I stopped and hiked this in about 40 minutes on my way to the library!

    Amy Lee completed Rainbow Lake Trail

    about 1 year ago