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    Member Since May 2019

    Amy Latimer

    Hayden, Idaho 

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    Amy Latimer reviewed Shoreline Picnic Area Trail

    28 days ago

    Nice views of the lake and forest area. Saw some geese and goslings swimming. Came across some animal bones along the rocky shores, and smelled something rotting just off the trail on the lakeside (confirmed by flies and scavenger birds).

    Forest side of the loop was perfect for kids, and close enough that you still could see the lake for a good portion of the trail. Lake side of the loop was too narrow and uneven for small children, but it was pretty.
    Steady footed children who know how to watch their steps and stay away from the ledge would enjoy the lake side.
    Younger or less experienced children would do better to walk the forest side to the eagle boat launch and then back the same way on the forest side.