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    Member Since July 2010

    Anita Schulkers

    Dunnellon, Florida 

    Married almost 35 yrs this October. Have 3 children and 5 grandchildren. My husband and I like to hike , bike, kayak,walk,swim. We live near a river (Rainbow Springs) so we take advantage of it quite frequently.. Once the weather cools a bit I expect to be back out on the trails and on the river too.

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    hikingnature tripsroad bikingscenic drivingwalking

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    Anita Schulkers reviewed The Mound Trails

    almost 8 years ago

    This trail is a very easy trail to do.Only 3/4 of a mile in distance. Most of it is inthe shade of many large oaks and other beautiful trees. We were walking the trailand happedned to be there at just the right time when we had climbed up a flight of stairs to the top of the largest mound to listen to one of the park rangers speaking to a group of students this summer about the mounds and the surroundiing areas.. It was a very interesting talk.. And we had a beautiful view from the top of the mound overlooking Crystal River. Being that this is an archaeological State Park makes it of great value to Florida residents and hikers and vacationers. Natural beauty. We also went in the museum and looked at and learned about all the time periods this area was occupied . There were many artifacts discovered there to look at as well.
    This trail is also great for bird watchers. We saw many different types of birds. A hawk was perched on the remains of a tree stump. A must do in cooler weather. It has 6 different mounds on the walk to discover.

    Anita Schulkers completed The Mound Trails

    almost 8 years ago