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    Amr Beltagy completed Burstall Pass Trail

    10 days ago

    Amr Beltagy completed Moose Mountain Trail

    13 days ago

    Amr Beltagy saved Weaselhead Flats

    13 days ago

    Amr Beltagy reviewed Chester Lake Trail

    16 days ago

    ITS OPENED , was there on the 1st of aug .. wonderful hike , child and dog friendly , we finished it in 5 hours with all the slacking and winning of the kids .. its worth going .....pick weekdays ...weekends are definitely busy ..

    Amr Beltagy completed Chester Lake Trail

    16 days ago

    Amr Beltagy reviewed Canyon Creek Ice Cave Trail

    3 months ago

    the way to the trail head is boring ..slightly uphill most of the way..but the way back is down hill the kids had a blast ..from the trail head to the tree line is ok with 3 kids 12 8 and 6 .. the cave entrance watch out coz it's slippery just stick with the big rocks ...besides that the cave is astonishing the kids enjoyed it very much ..too bad the ice closed the rooms at the back