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    Member Since August 2017

    Amee Van Harrant Pro-red@3x

    Secaucus, New Jersey 

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    Amee Van Harrant reviewed Sasso San Martino from Menaggio

    14 days ago

    Amazing views. Steep climb in areas, great for trail jogging, good workout. Once I got to the highest elevation I could not continue down trail to the church since it was overgrown. I attempted to break through with large stick but I could not go any further.
    Still worth it as you have great views on the way up.
    Coming back I attempted to go down back way as I was staying south of starting point, but it looked like private property with electrical fence for cows.

    Amee Van Harrant reviewed Long Path Trail along the Hudson

    almost 2 years ago

    nice path and some good views. A little too close to highway, would have been nice if trail ran along ledge.