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    Amanda Swendsen reviewed Georgiana and Harvard Falls Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Good workout, pretty views of large falls. Steep incline and narrow passage in some spots. Leave the little kids at home for this one.

    Amanda Swendsen reviewed Indian Head Trail

    11 months ago

    Harder than I thought it would be! Fairly well marked trail, would like to see brighter tree markers. In the fall, leaf coverage makes trail a little hard to follow. Steady incline, roots and rocks most the way. Near end, very steep climb when you're most tired but view of the pemi valley up top is very nice.

    There are two trails to reach summit, I took the "yellow" from trailhead parking in rte 3 near the Indian head resort. The blue trail, I understand is from the flume parking lot. Two trails means you may enjoy a solitary quiet hike up, but more people at the top can be annoying!

    Amanda Swendsen completed Indian Head Trail

    11 months ago

    Amanda Swendsen reviewed Lonesome Lake Trail

    11 months ago

    It's a butt buster going up! Great workout, nice reward at the end. Well traveled so you can safely hike alone.

    Amanda Swendsen completed Lonesome Lake Trail

    11 months ago