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    I love this trail. I completed it last month before the snow. The nature and views are beautiful. I loved watching the train pass in the distance. I am a Colorado native so I never really feel inclined to go back to most trails but I will definitely hike this trail again. There is an $8 fee to get into Eldorado State Park, or $5 to park outside the park and walk in, but you can tell the state park puts the money to good use. This has to be one of the cleanest trails I’ve seen. There aren’t too many tactical areas. I went counter clockwise at the loop, so going down the incline back to the trailhead was rather rocky and steep. I almost fell at one point, but it was only for a short stretch.

    Hiked this trail at about 7pm last night(7/5). There was some harder parts in the middle where you have to be careful not to slip. I wore my tennis shoes and was ok but I would have benefitted from wearing my hiking boots. The trail started to get a little harder near the end when it was more uphill and I was tiring, but the views were beautiful and I enjoyed the hike. I was proud of myself for finishing because I am more of a beginning hiker.

    8 months ago

    I think this is a moderate/hard hike. The last stretch of the hike was hard but we managed it and my 6 year old did as well. Once you get back about a mile, it gets quieter and has beautiful views. We will hike this trail again.

    My 6 year old son and I walked this yesterday. It was a lot of uphill so I was proud of my son for finishing without complaint. There was quite a bit of traffic, mostly people walking but there was a few bicycles. Great views at the top, would definitely do it again.