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    Member Since August 2018

    Alyssa Ledesma

    Denver, Colorado 

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    Alyssa Ledesma completed Red Rocks Trading Post Trail

    about 17 hours ago

    Alyssa Ledesma reviewed Ceran Saint Vrain Trail

    3 months ago

    Beautiful and easy hike. Trail ends at the 252 marker, but we went up a little further. Definitely doable in sneakers or sport sandals. There are a few little water crossings where your feet may get wet. Our pup is too scared of the big creek, so she drank more from these little crossings. Perfect hike for people visiting, or a novice hiker. We got a nice and early start so didn't see anyone on the way in, but on the way out it was definitely very busy. More challenging on the way out than in, but still nice and mellow. Really enjoyed this hike!

    Alyssa Ledesma reviewed Maxwell Falls Lower Trail

    3 months ago

    Completed on 6/18/2019.
    This was a lovely hike! We got confused about the loop, however and ended up just walking from one parking area to the other and back, but it was still enjoyable. This is definitely doable in sneakers, however I suggest approach shoes or boots if you have access to them. I had to step through some water on one occasion that would have just soaked sneakers. I would say the first mile is where the most work will be required, but it's not bad at all. Plenty of shade and coverage to keep protected from the sun.

    Alyssa Ledesma added Camping Spots

    3 months ago

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    3 months ago

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    4 months ago