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    Alex Peace reviewed Mojave River via the PCT

    3 days ago

    Awesome, not sure what the other users confusion about the bridge is.
    Very simple:
    Stay on the PCT as the map describes, no reason to cross the bridge on use the bridge at all (the bridge will lead you on the PCT but in the wrong direction)
    Blue marked rock leads to "main" popular water fall cliff jumping and swimming
    There are many many more isolated pools to swim in if you continue on the along the PCT trail, there are many fairly steep side paths that will lead you down to the pools. Awesome.

    Alex Peace reviewed Tehachapi Mountain Trail

    8 months ago

    Fairly epic, fairly steep climb, Recommended 100%

    Alex Peace completed Tehachapi Mountain Trail

    8 months ago

    Alex Peace saved Warner Point Nature Trail

    about 1 year ago

    Alex Peace saved Pine Ridge Trail

    almost 2 years ago