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    16 days ago

    Beautiful winter hike today. Views were outstanding.
    Tummey-Armstrong adventure.

    1 month ago

    Peaked Mountain. Started recording a bit late but you can see the loop.
    Winter hike. Beautiful day. 20degrees and sunny.
    Pretty easy hike. Great views for the effort..
    Micro/spikes are necessary but no real steep spots just some ice patches.
    Views of Mt Washington, Cranmore Ski Mt, downtown North Conway.

    8 months ago

    Easy hike, but you still climb enough for beginners to feel like they accomplished something. Even a Little Rock scramble and the end. Those rocks/Ledge allow for great views.

    Even though we hike a lot of hard stuff here in the White’s we like to take this hike when we have a short window of time, but want to get some time in nature. It’s always a good few hours in the woods.

    It’s great winter and fall too!

    Today we added 3 or 4 miles by taking cutoff and looping over (1.8 each way) to the top of Cranmore Mt.

    Another easy stroll through the woods with nice views from the ski lodge at the top of Mt. Cranmore. You share the space with folks that took the chairlift up but there are bathrooms, food and Tuckerman’s beer. Ha. That was a nice addition to our casual hike today.

    Hike was nice enough today. Took about 5 hours. Beautiful summer day. Most of the hike was shaded which is nice. Views were minimal. The view from Tom are limited due to pine trees getting a bit bigger. You can squeeze through some narrow paths to find a few other views but better check for ticks because both sides touch you the whole way.
    We went from Tom to Mt Fields. Relatively easy hike over 9/10th of a mile. No view from top but a nice overlook just a few steps down a path overlooking Mt. Washington and others and the Mt Washington Hotel.
    Form here to Mt Avalon all downhill. Look for the spur up to Avalon. Tougher climb up to Avalon but only 100 yards or so. Worth it. Best views of the day. Views down Crawford Notch and of AMC Highland Center.
    Enjoyable, moderate hike. You do check off 2 4K peaks but for a 0% rain day (like today) there are much better options with much better views.
    4 or 5 water crossings. All easy today but after a rain I could see how they could be tricky.

    Great trail. Might have been a bit aggressive for the first hike of the season but very doable. By doable I mean Hard but not dangerous. 8 plus miles so - the miles add to the difficulty.

    Not too busy today but nice level of activity. Great weather day. 75 at the bottom and sunny. Windy at the top but I suspect it always is. We had a layer we added for that part. Pretty dry today but I could tell some parts would be tricky after a rain.

    Took the loop counter clockwise starting with Falling Waters Trail. Lots of running water and falls along this trail. Pretty! You cross over the water 5 times as you head up. Pretty easy to cross today. That might be tougher when the river has more volume after a rain. If you are looking for a short hike with a great view you could just hike along the river and head back when the trail leaves the river. Probably 3 miles and relatively easy.

    Took the Shining Rock Spur near the top. It’s a cool rock face with a thin level of water running on it. Interesting to see. Not a long spur 2/10th long but you do go down and have to come back up.

    The ridge line part of the hike is Amazing!! Just views everywhere for 2 miles. Really just amazing to be walking on top of these mountains for 2 miles.

    From the time you get to Mt. Lafayette it’s all down hill. But it is long way back to car. About 4 miles. Nice little break at the Greenfield Hut though and that helps.

    If you are a regular hiker expect it to take 5-7 hrs depending on your pace. Longer with less endurance and hiking experience. Took us 6.5hr with time enjoying the top and a break in the Hut. We passed maybe 15 groups up and down and were never passed to give you an idea of our pace.

    Some snow at top of Falling Waters Trail but easy to get around.

    Bring lots of water and snacks to power you through it. Enjoy.

    Thanks to the folks that posted about this hike yesterday. Your info put this hike on our list for the first time. We will repeat this hike many times going forward. Fantastic!

    Tuesday, December 12, 2017

    Easy winter stroll around the lake. Pretty though. Basically flat. Snow made it a little tough to find the start of the trail for our first visit. But once you get away from beach area the path is easy to follow. We were hoping to use our snowshoes but there wasn’t really enough snow. We will definitely be back when it snows more. Safe easy place to learn to snowshoe.
    About 3/4 of the way around the lake we choose to take the Cathedral Ledge trail to add to the adventure (add 2 miles and some elevation gain for sure. I recommend that if you are a hiker.) Need crampons in the winter if snow and ice is present. . Actually, even around the lake it helps to have good boots with traction or some slip on cleats if there is snow/Ice.
    Parked outside the park, as it is closed in the winter. Signs say “ no parking” ... but there were other cars and we didn’t get a ticket or towed. At least this time. :)
    Note for next Spring, Summer, Fall - this would be a great running trail. About a mile long so just add the laps you want!

    Tuesday, December 12, 2017

    Great entry level Winter hike. Took this hike for the first time ever. (Good any season but busy I bet in the summer). Not sure why I have never done it before it’s great. This is our first year winter hiking so after our first real snow of the season we wanted to kick off the winter hiking. This one seemed like a safe place to start winter hiking- and it is. It would be a Great spot to snowshoe for the first time even if you just go around Echo Lake (about a mile- flat and pretty)
    Didn’t need our snowshoes this time (not enough snow) just our regular crampons and hiking poles.
    Added the hike Bryce Path to make it to the top of Cathedral Ledge. This is a must to get the view!
    Pretty easy hike even with the snow and slippery leave areas. Needed the crampons in the few steeper areas. These would not be considered steep in the summer but the snow added to our need for careful steps in those areas. Very doable though. Trail is well marked.
    Amazing to get to the top of Cathedral Ledge and not find any people. Road Up is closed in the winter)
    Great views from the Ledge of North Conway area and Cranmore Ski Mountain....and even the mile around Echo Lake at the beginning is pretty.

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