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    csgirl life reviewed Pinecrest Peak Trail

    5 months ago

    We only made it to about 3/4 of the elevation gain, but we did get to some amazing views of both the mountain range and the lake from above.

    The trailhead is pretty hard to locate: use gps and offline maps, don't trespass, and if you find yourself on an overgrown trail that doesn't look like it's used much - you are on the right path!

    More photos:

    csgirl life completed Pinecrest Peak Trail

    5 months ago

    csgirl life reviewed Leavitt Meadows to Millie, Secret, Roosevelt & Lane Lakes

    5 months ago

    Excellent trail. It has it all: mountain valley, mountain lakes, mountain crests and very few people!

    A couple of pro-tips for those who want to brave this hike themselves:
    - the side-hike to Poore Lake is really not worth it unless you want to descend a considerable distance to the lake shore, there really isn't a good view point. Instead, you can get a great view of that same lake from the crest part of the trail
    - if you are starting late in the day consider leaving the crest part of the trail for the second half as it remains in the sun longer than the valley. Alternatively, if you'd really like to capture the view of the valley, hit the crest first while the sun is shining on it.
    - Poore Lake side trail has a side trail to the Secret Lake -- that allows you to avoid climbing up and down on the way to the ridge

    More photos from the hike:

    csgirl life reviewed Painted Rock Loop Trail

    5 months ago

    The trail is much better suited for mountain biking than hiking. While it's great to see just how much effort has been put into making the curves of the trail absolutely perfect, those same curves are annoying to a hiker since you know you could have gone from point A to point B much faster.

    I highly recommend hitting the Tahoe Rim trail sidetrail -- that's where you get to see gorgeous mountain vistas.

    More photos:

    csgirl life completed Painted Rock Loop Trail

    5 months ago

    csgirl life reviewed Twenty Lakes Basin Loop Trail

    about 2 years ago

    "If you have just 1 day in the Lee Vining area, I highly recommend to go on this hike", - said one review I've read, and I most whole-heartedly agree.

    The trail is very easy - it's almost level, so if you are feeling ok at high elevation, it will feel like a walk in a city park. The views, though, are so gorgeous, that no city part can match!

    The loop is actually 8 miles, not 16, if you start from the Saddlebag Resort parking. And you can cut the trail in half by taking a ferry from there across the Saddlebag lake.

    More photos of this incredible hike here: Twenty Lakes Basin (Lee Vining)

    csgirl life completed Twenty Lakes Basin Loop Trail

    about 2 years ago

    csgirl life reviewed Devils Postpile National Monument Trail to Rainbow Falls

    about 2 years ago

    We went in the evening, after 7pm, when you didn't have to take bus anymore and could just drive down the parking, right next to the Devil's Postpile. This way we were almost completely alone on the trail and were able to marvel at the monument in relative solitude.

    During the day it's possible to take the bus to the Devil's Postpile stop and then it's only 0.5 miles to the sight, a little more if you want to go on top and see the hexagon squares on the surface.

    More photos:

    csgirl life reviewed Bear Basin - Granite Lake Loop

    about 2 years ago

    We have done this loop counterclockwise, and didn't regret it one bit as it has allowed us to completely avoid the crowds even though it was a long weekend.

    A word of caution: even though this trail description says the loop is 14.2 miles, in reality it's closer to 17-18.

    On the first day we walked 7.5 miles to Bear Basin and camped on an established camping site. The closest human soul was an entire 1 mile away, and we got an amazing experience of being alone in the wilderness.

    On the second day it took us another 5 miles to reach the Seven Up Pass. The Seven Up Pass was the most beautiful part of the hike. Wherever you are hiking from, make sure you traverse it! We were originally thinking to connect to the Four Lakes Loop from there, however, that trail involved going down into the Black Deer Valley and coming up on the other side just as much as we have just done out of the Bear Valley, and we didn't feel up to it.

    So we had an amazing lunch in an incredible tucked in spot at Seven up Pass and headed down to the Granite Lake. Granite Lake was a zoo - we counted 10 tents visible just from the trail! It really felt like there needed to be an established bathroom there at this point, it was so overcrowded. So we headed down to the car. The second day for us was 11 miles, which is a bit of a stretch with backpacks.

    More photos and description can be found here:

    csgirl life completed Bear Basin - Granite Lake Loop

    about 2 years ago